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User is not placing order

through buyer requests a user has inboxed me regarding his work.i sent him a trial pic to examine and he agreed but now he is not placing order a day has i supposed to text me regarding order?please advise me as it was my first order going to be placed.i was very excited about that::frowning_face:

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It’s sunday. it’s off day in many places. May be wait for a bit time? How many hour you have worked on the “trial” ? It would be good if you add some of work sample on your gig. So buyer could get an idea about you skill with that.

actually he has sent me a pic and i do there work accordingly the day before yesterday and i waited yesterday and sent him a message that yet you have not placed order but he did not i will wait a little bit more

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Always work after placing the order. & GoodLuck.

thanks for your precious words

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