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User ***** is stealing my work

User ********* is using my color grading reel to promote himself. Buyers should know about this and he should be banned from here. Mine is here :

Mod Note: Username removed. It’s against forum rules to call out buyers or sellers. Please contact customer support.

You should remove the username either form title and body of the post, since this is against the Forum rules.


Report that user to Customer Support.


Flag their gig, it will be taken down in 24 hours or less.


Pleaseeee I need help I know she’s using my work and she have rewrote my book and refund my money back she told me the work wasn’t finished but now I see that it’s done and she took my work I need help to block it and take my work down and she needs to be reported

This topic is 2 years old? What’s going on here :male_detective:

Pleaseeee check your cognitive spark plugs. Without context, evidence, or a concise account of your situation, no one can advise you.

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i wonder if ***** was ever caught

@asialove754 what’s up, doc?