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User May Not Be Contacted Directly

So someone sent me a message about 2 hours ago, but I can’t open it or reply to this possible buyer! I now have an Orange banner at the top of my page saying " For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly." Does anyone know why this is? Did I do something wrong?

I see I see! Thank you Cheezees!

I have one of these too. But at least I was able to read the message before the profile was banned. It was a seller who was looking to purchase my level 2 fiverr account for $200.

Attach a photo for curiosity!

The user’s profile has been banned. They have violated the Fiverr terms of service in some way. Just ignore any messages you previously received from them. They can no longer be contacted and it has nothing to do with you. :slight_smile:

Here is a screen shot from my phone.

Yep, got the same yesterday, to buy my account for 200€, I reported it.

Tonight, it was more tricky, someone else did contact me for knowing if my gig was still on, then replied me with “see it attach” (I saw it in my mail) but I couldn’t read the message on Fiverr with this “privacy reasons” sentence displayed. I guess he was blocked since then. It was tricky because he made a very complex personalized message, that usually spammers don’t do…

A user who delivered some work to me recently, also sent an additional full resolution file in my inbox. Now I’m getting the orange bar when I go to download the full resolution file, and it seems I have no other way of downloading it. Help?

Just an update on the “see in attach” problem : the last message was an actual real buyer, but as long as his second message was only “see in attach please” like spammers, I couldn’t read his message. He contacted me again with other sentences and everything was fine.

I received a similar message a couple of days ago, and it was a sales pitch referring to a youtube video for fiverrboss. Guess they must have already been reported for the spam.