"'user name" can no longer be conctacted


I am facing this issue while discussing the order with buyer,
Buyer saying “user name” can no longer be contacted.
I am not able to discuss the order requirement properly.


When you try and contact the buyer, it says <buyer’s username> can no longer be contacted right?
That means that the buyer’s account has been suspended/blocked and that the buyer has been removed from Fiverr… probably due to violating Fiverr’s ToS.

So, you can just forget about that buyer.


To buyer it is showing no longer be contacted


If the buyer is trying to contact you and is getting that “can no longer be contacted” message, then I think you should tell the buyer to contact CS (assuming that he is able to see your messages despite him not being able to message you back).

If that’s not possible, you could contact CS yourself and let them know.


The only other reason that message usually comes up (besides the account being gone) is if a buyer or seller has blocked the other person. So, if are getting a message that a buyer can no longer be contacted and they still have an account, they probably blocked you. If they are getting that message, I don’t really see how they could have told you since they couldn’t contact you. If one of those things or @hanshuber’s answers don’t cover it, you are back to Support.


lol so true. I don’t know why I didn’t think about that.


It is weird you didn’t think of it.

OT: You’ve been ingesting spoiled yogurt. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am getting this regularly with one seller. We will message back and forth and I will get that “xxxxxxx can no longer be contacted” message even though she still has the green “online” dot showing. I will be able to talk to her again later, like the next day, but not immediately.

I assumed she has connection problems because I have not seen this with any other seller, and I have had extensive conversations with another at the same time this happened with her.


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