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Hello please i need your help
I ordered gig from seller ************* but he is no longer active member of fiverr so i cant contact him (he is doing my campaign) …Please can somebody tell me his email address (of course somebody who bought his gig also) i dont know what should i do because i need contact him asap
Thank you


It is against Fiverr rules to exchange contact details outside of Fiverr so if he has gone unfortunately there is no way to contact him.


Can’t post usernames here, sorry


Do you know him ? please


Sorry - if your seller has disappeared, all you can do is to contact Customer Services - good luck!


I did it but they cant share privite information but i just need email address…and that seller had 150 reviews and some users bought his gis multiple time so maybe they know his email address


If I were you, I’d find somebody else to do your task, as you’re not going be able to find his details via Fiverr.


yes probably i have to …but he was top rated saler with 150 reviews all 5stars and his gig was absolutely awesome - price/work


There are other sellers here who do awesome work as well.

As far as the all 5 star is concerned, someone posted that like 97% of the million (give or take) or so sellers/gigs have it.

It harder to find someone without all 5 stars. :grin::grin:

Exchange of personal info is not allowed so even with multiple purchases, I do not have email.


It’s against Fiverr terms & condition to exchange contact details


It seems that his/her account is closed either by CS or by himself.
Its better to ask the Fiverr CS [customer support]
Hope they will have solution