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User not professional

Hi, i bought services from a fiverr user, he wanted me to continue discussion on whatsapp and then we agreed outside fiverr. His service s were not professional at all, but also he is using the basic gig at 5 euro only to attract people as in reality he is asking much more for his services… I payed 70 euro…
I know thi is only my fault because i trusted someone and i did not buy the gig from fiverr, so now i cannot even leave a bad feedback… All wrong!
I would like other people not to fall in the same trap…
Is there a way to let the community know about this seller and situation? Thank you

Report him to Customer Support. Outside contact is against the Terms and Services of Fiverr.

Most fiverr users know it’s against fiverr rules to go outside of fiverr to hire someone or even chat with them. This is one reason why.

Thank you! I will do it!!

This should be reported to Fiverr staff through the official ticket system. Just send them an email They will take action against the errant seller and maybe refund your money too.