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User online or not?

Hi everyone! I’m just asking a question about the green light when you’re online.
Sometimes I let my pc with the page opened but I not at the computer…when I come back my name at the top right has a grey light… did I turned offline since I did no activity on the website?

also, sometimes I want to check if some of my clients are online and I open our inbox. Sometimes it happens that the user isn’t online there (I mean that there is no green ball there) but if I click on his name and go on his personal page I can see “online” written… is he online or not?

There needs to be activity on your browser for the green light to stay on. The same with your clients. Your clients may have the green light turned off in their settings so people do not see they are online. You can turn the light off for an hour or a day.

but how comes it that a client seems offline in the inbox but on his page there is the green light? what does that mean?

In my experience, the online setting isn’t perfect. It is sometimes delayed a bit. I know I rarely have mine set on even when I’m on, but even if I do, it shows me online on my profile pic but not on the search page for sellers online. I figure it’s a work in progress like other newer features! Give it some time and if it gives you too much trouble, send a note to Customer Support. :slight_smile: