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User Spam Message!


Hi !
After sometime i got a message like that,

Annesterr :
Dear surajit_singha,
“hit me up at{annhe**** @ ***** .com**}am Ann Hester A lady from USA i have business to discuss with you am not always online here i wait for your email to my email box” .

Better see on my screenshot email:
[Image had email without redaction. Removed by mod.]

First i was surprised for this new offer. Return i inbox him/her to discuss in fiverr chat but he/she doesn’t back any answer. Then i am sure this is spam. Report this user and nothing show now about his/her user link. And change my password quickly.
Is this is a spam or a hacker try to access my account ???

This is spam ? what should I do?
Is this a spam message?

Many sellers are receiving the same message.


From the same person!!!


It’s a spam. I am sure…