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User ********** stole my money pictures and email to prove


User xxxxxx requested we do business outside of Fiverr. I realize this is against the rules, I also realize that there is a customer service service for this. I have done that already. This is for people to avoid this user and not to get your money stolen. I payed him through paypal and he didn’t do what I told him I wanted, he made excuses and said to send me more money. I told him I didn’t want the pokemon trainer sprites anymore. To which he then kept the money and wouldn’t refund.

Be careful and don’t do business. I have the emails to prove he did this. If anyone wants to see I can post or link them somewhere.


First, remove the seller’s name from your post.

It is against forum rules to name & shame buyers or sellers.

Second, you gave him a 5-star review and I quote:
“Quick responses and did a great job. I recommend this service and will be doing business with again.”

Not sure what your complaint is here?


I’m telling people because he tries to get people to do business outside of Fiverr, then he steals your money. I know it’s against the rules, I’m just warning people of him.

Mod Note: Image removed. It’s against forum rules to call out buyers or sellers .


We are not allowed to post usernames or show them in images so if you can blank out his name on that image and also from the title it would help.