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User that placed an order deleted his account

Hello guys! So basically a buyer placed an order some time ago and after I delivered the work he requested a revision. I asked him what needs to be revised but he didn’t respond and I tried to reach him a few times but he never responded. The order was in revision status for more than 30 days so two days ago I redelivered the work and I informed him that the order has been in revision for some time and that he never responded back, so I redelivered the work and I added that if anything is needed he can just contact me and I’ll adjust accordingly. After redelivering the file, I decided to click on his profile and… Surprise, surprise - his profile was gone. Tried to search for him via incognito mode on my browser but nope, apparently, his account was deleted. The weird thing is that it says in the order panel that he was online yesterday, but I think that it’s just an error because his account is gone.

Should I be worried about this? I’m a bit scared that the seller deactivated his account to avoid paying for the order and I’m a bit worried that he might try to leave a bad review. His account is gone tho and I’m just confused about the whole situation :upside_down_face:

Has anyone ever been in a similar situation?


Can’t say I’ve heard of this specific scenario before, but if your buyer was also a seller, it’s possible they’re suspended, but still have access to their own orders and thus can still appear online.

Also, this is not a tip, and does not belong in any of the ‘tips’ categories. This is a question.

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Nope, he was a buyer (didn’t have a seller profile). He can still be suspended I guess?

As for my thread being a question - can you recommend a better category?

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As you said that his account is already deactivate, you should not worried about it. Because He didn’t complete the order, Here you have lost that order and money both. It is not necessary to deactivate account his own, he also can get suspended by fiverr for breaking rules. Is the order completing rate fine now?

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The order was marked as completed like 10 minutes ago and I did receive the money. The account of the user is still deactivated.

If it was marked as completed then you should not worried about this. I believe your account is safe.

First Submit a request and let Fiverr help you resolve it, so there’s no backlash to your account.

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