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User took my artworks and showcased on his own gigs

Before joining Fiverr, I have a client I work for to make cartoon portraits for his own online store. Then, I started my own portrait gig. While browsing the Fiverr market, I found a gig containing my artworks for my previous client.

So I messaged this store who took my artworks as I am curious how did he get ahold of these as the artworks are only shared between me, my client, and his assistant. He claimed that it’s not possible that I drew it because I did not make it, yet it’s clear as day that I did. I asked him to compare these two artworks and ask if it looks familiar. He still claimed that I didn’t make it. I just asked him nicely that if he wants to showcase his talents, use his own artwork. I filed a ticket to customer support but they are asking for stuff like copyright certification and trademark certificate. I’m like, dude I’m only an individual providing services, I don’t produce music, novel, or similar.

It is just sad that this can be abused since you can just take someone’s work from a small-time freelancer who never bothered about copyrighting, then claim it as your own and post it in your gig without getting punished for it.


If the artwork was only sent to your client and his assistant, might be a case of outsourcing work to you?

Copywrite wise, it is difficult for Fiverr to enforce anything without proof that you made it, unfortunately :confused:

Legally, Copywrite is automatically given when you create something original. But, if you sell it to someone, it becomes theirs. From my understanding anyways.

You never know, you could be 3rd or 4th in the chain of outsourcing, we get that a lot in my work (not fiverr work)

I actually have a proof that I made it, PSD wise and maybe a statement from my client that I made it. I am close with the store owner (my client) as I am actually his main artist for his store. He actually reported that person but I don’t know what happened.

Anyway, it’s a hassle providing all the requirements Fiverr ask of me as I have no ways of getting it. I’m just frustrated that this happened to me and there’s no way of stopping it. I never worked as a 3rd or more chained outsourcing, I am never a fan of that practice so I always make sure that I’m work directly with a client and not some guy who works for a guy who works for a guy.

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