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User wants help with gig


Anyone willing to give me some peer review on my gig? Positives negatives…Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

Help me to improve my work at fiverr

Do you mind sharing a link of your profile? For some reason, I can’t seem to find your profile in the search bar.

If sharing of links on the forum is not allowed (I’m not particularly sure), send it to me through private message via forum.

Heres his profile.


That’s really great! I listened to each of your voice-overs, and loved them!
This is the first time I’ve ever checked out a vo gig, so I can’t compare according to the usual standard. If I ever needed a vo, you’re probably someone I’d go for!

A couple of things: Try keeping your profile description a bit shorter, but with more impact. Also, I think you forgot to add a ‘to’ in your sentence regarding Chicago’s festivals.

Another aspect which I personally feel is a huge turn-off (and which is pretty common on Fiverr) is the highlighting and the usage of bold letters on gig descriptions. That’s a personal pet peeve, I suppose.

I would also suggest adding packages. The reason for that is because people generally have the tendency to compare - also a way of ensuring that what they’re getting suits them. It probably differs from category to category, but packages are great for designers, that I can assure.

Also, I feel your tags are too general. I doubt that a person would type ‘trustworthy voice over’ on the search bar. The best way to choose the most effective tags is by typing in your category and noting the automatic predictions. When I typed in ‘voice’, a main thing to come up was ‘voicemail greeting’. This hints that that might be in demand at the moment as people are searching for it. But then, ‘voice over iggy’ also came up on the predictions, which makes no sense.

Other than that, it’s a great gig - best of luck on Fiverr!


Wow! Can’t say thanks enough for such a quick and thorough review. I will get to work on the changes immediately. Appreciate your compliments as well, means a lot to someone who is new to the game. I hope our paths cross again in the future. I’ll be sure to reference you when I can. Thanks again!


Hi mate,
My comments, as I am an animator and buyer voice over here regularly;
1- Provide 300 or 400 words in 1 days with unlimited revisions.
2- Put your picture on your gig instead of that nature pic.
3- Create different gigs with different titles and keywords.
4- Provide different voice samples, happy, sad, radio, explainer etc voices.



sharing of links is not allowed @sa_aejaz


Yes it is. You’re a little late to the party too, since that_writer already shared it.


you are allowed to share links?


Yep. (20 characters)


That’s new to me! thanks for giving me a heads up though :slight_smile:


Best review I’ve, so far, seen in Fiverr. @sa_aejaz continue with the good work, you are a treasure to Fiverr. @mattjosephvo all the best in your gig.


Amazing to hear man! Thank you so much for the support.