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Username change luck

We have been here on Fiverr 2016, buying gigs here and there. When we created the account, we didn’t think much about the username. However, now it is limiting us from providing feedback as we don’t want our brand name ( be seen as the one providing the feedback. So any thoughts on how to go about it?

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It is explained here:

An option is to not leave public feedback. Yes, sellers appreciate it, and it can help buyers if you’re review is in-depth and not a cursory ‘thanks’, but it’s NOT an obligation to leave feedback.

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Another option (if you’re purely a buyer) is to simply delete your account and make another. If you’re a seller, that’s probably not an option, since your account is linked to ranking factors etc.

I am a regular buyer. I just created a ticket for Fiverr as well. I read the article and was hoping I can save the account with 5 years of history instead of just creating a new one (it has implications for data and financial records etc.)


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