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(I really hope this is in the right forum category, I tried my best to work it out)

I understand this question has been asked before but I don’t think there’s an answer in any of them either than the user in question blocked you or had their account taken down. I do not believe either of those things is the case.

I know the previous paragraph kind of jumped the gun but here’s what’s happening.

A user messaged me with questions about a gig. We talked but, due to time differences, we ended the conversation, saying we would continue later. This user has been on the website for three years and has multiple five-star ratings as a buyer.

Now I am getting the message that is the title of this topic. I wasn’t looking to message the user, just to have a look over our conversation. Anyway, when I try to go to their profile it works and apart from the fact that I can’t message them, everything seems the same.

I suppose it’s possible that their account has been taken down or they’ve blocked me, with a delayed reaction when it comes to their account not being visible, but as there doesn’t seem to be an official word from Fiverr, I was wondering if anyone else has an idea of why this might be happening? At first, I thought maybe they set do not disturb hours or something as it’s night where they are but I don’t think that’s a Fiverr feature so that idea went out the window pretty fast


I just noticed that every review of theirs is five-star and they all were posted three weeks ago… Maybe they did something to get those reviews so Fiverr is taking down or reviewing their account? Or maybe they just went on a buying spree and it has nothing to do with what’s going on…

Don’t mind me, I’m just adding info with a little pinch of my own thoughts


I have never experienced that so I wouldn’t know as well. But if you do still see the person’s profile then likely you were not blocked. Have you tried contacting Customer Support?

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I don’t think you get an official notification about it if other users block you, except the message you already got. If this only happens with this single user I wouldn’t worry too much about it: they might have blocked you, and there’s little you can do about it. If they are taking down the account it would probably already be suspended. Normally when a profile is taken down they can’t accept new orders, and in most cases only complete the orders they already have, unless it’s something very serious, in which case the profile might get banned. So I would think the person has blocked you. Why that happened I do not know.

There’s no such thing as a do not disturb on Fiverr, only “out of office” (formerly known as vacation mode), but that would give you a notice on their profile page.

95% sure that you’re blocked, but there’s no way to say for sure. If you are, customer support probably won’t help you anyway. You could of course try to contact support if you believe it’s a bug, but I don’t think so.

Another thing that might have happened is that their ability to send/receive messages is being blocked by Fiverr. We can’t know for sure. Like you said; the reviews were all posted three weeks ago. You never know.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’m not bothered enough about it to contact customer support :joy:

I just figured it would be worth asking to help ease my curiosity

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I don’t think I’m blocked as I can still view their profile which I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be able to do if I’m blocked. I’d assume there wouldn’t be an official notification for being blocked, but thank you for clarifying

I’m not really bothered, more curious, as previous questions in the forums about this message has never truly reached a conclusion. I thought I was blocked at first, until I realised I could still view their profile, which apparently redirects to the Fiverr homepage if you’ve been blocked

Thank you for your help! I guess no one’s going to know for sure what this message means unless Fiverr tells us :joy:

You’re probably right. Fiverr works in mysterious ways. :rofl:

There are different kind of blocks. The one in messages usually doesn’t affect user profiles or their ability to purchase from each other. I’ve seen sellers complain how they blocked a buyer and the person bought a gig only to continue the conversation. .

Hope that makes sense.