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"username" may not be contacted at this time


I was talking with a seller and after some emails, I got this message.
“username” may not be contacted at this time
Does this mean he has marked me as a SPAM?
How can I trust in Fiverr if a seller can just basically block the communication with me?
He is top rated and I don’t think that cutting off a possible client like that is ethic.
Is there a way to report this? I cannot even see his profile. Have I just wasted my time discussing my project with him?

Please, help, what should I do?


Have you tried to open his profile? The only time I couldn’t contact someone was after their account was restricted. If you can access his profile, I guess it is possible he blocked you. Both reasons would be unusual for a reputable seller, maybe there’s a more pleasant explanation.

There are several different reasons as to why the seller can not be contacted.

  1. He blocked you
  2. His account was restricted
  3. You sent information which made your messaging system become blocked.

I cannot even see his profile. If I click on his profile photo form our emails, it takes me to the home page, not to his profile.

At the end of his last email, I see this message:
khizarm may not be contacted at this time.

Why would he block me?

I think unfortunately is the first reason.
What really amazes me is that, you are working with somebody, is that easily for them to cut you out and let you in the middle of a project, just like that?


It’s unfortunate and I can assure you not all sellers are like that. Some sellers will abuse the system and use these features for their benefit but given the huge amount of sellers who are selling on Fiverr, it’s very hard to vett all of them.

Send a message to support and they’ll surely clear things up for you.

Best of luck!

Your seller isn’t blocking you - for some reason their account no longer exists.

As @thecreativeguys says, the only thing to do is to contact customer services.