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Username not found in search

I hope you guys are fine and having a great day. I want to share a issue, a very big issue that i am facing. I registered on fiverr since March,2017 and done 5 orders successfully but the issue is when i search for my username it say no username with noumanshoaib found. i report it as a bug on customer support but no activity on my request since 1 day. Can anyone tell me if he/she also having the same issue currently or before? if before how he/she resolve it?

Thank You all.


Nouman Shoaib

Give Customer Support a little more time. I do see what you mean about search and I haven’t seen it before. CS is your best route. Do your gigs show up by searching tittle/tags? That would be more important.


In the search bar, you cannot search username. You can search by gig titles and keywords.

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Hello Sir,
Actually i am new here, let me share my profile link you check it whether my gigs are showing or not, because it will not be visible to the owner i have read some where and please let me notify about it.

Thank You.


Nouman Shoaib

You can search for the username as well Sir @jus_designz

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There is a username search available. Most users are easily located that way, but the OP is right that at least in my attempt, his username did not show up in search. He does show up when you paste his profile link in, but that’s all.

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@noumanshoaib I’m sorry, but I’m a seller just like you are and I don’t have time to go search further at the moment. You can log out of Fiverr and try searching for your gigs and then you will see it like I would. If you find them, that is the main thing that you need for buyers to find you. If you don’t, you can wait a little longer to see if they just aren’t indexed yet, or you can send screenshots of what you see to Customer Support. If your gigs are newer than a week, I would wait and check username and gigs again in 5-7 business days. It may be just a matter of waiting, so no need to pressure Customer Support if you haven’t tried that yet :slight_smile:

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but username search not works for me. Maybe we are sellers this is the reason we cannot search username

I’m also seller Brother :blush:

I’m not able to find my name in the Search either. When I log out and try I get a message saying no results, but the system does give the option of searching User. No luck there either. I signed up in July 2016, but only created my first gig last week. I’m hoping that’s the reason. I’m working on creating my second gig, so I’m not that worried, though it sure would be nice to see my name and gig show up.

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I have noticed this too. I assumed some profiles were gone, but they were not. The username search frequently produces no results when it should. I know because I can get to the profile by a web address.

I have never seen one that was missing from the search start showing up in it.

I no longer use the search for usernames. I just try the profile link.

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Im facing same issue My profile link is but when i search “designsp” for user search gets nothing but other users containing word “designsp”. Should i contact customer support for that ?

Username search has been a little iffy lately. Yours shows up fine for me right now, though.

Most people aren’t going to search for you by username anyway, though, so overall I would be more concerned with keywords. If you keep having problems you can report it to CS, but if they try it right now and they have the result I did, they probably won’t see a problem. :slight_smile:

Hi, I asked the same question on fiverr support they were too quick to answer the ticket. their reply is mentioned below


**Thank you for contacting us. Please know that accounts will not appear in the search when searching the “username” until you have completed your first order and those funds from your first completed order are available for withdrawal after the 24 day clearance phase. I apologize for any confusion there may have been. However, note that your Gigs are active and appear in our search. **

Also, note that multiple accounts is a violation to our Terms of Service."

Hope now everyone has got their answer!



I do not understand why they make searching for user names so difficult. There must be a reason, it’s usually always about profits.

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