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Users Intentionally Wasting Time

Last week, I got a message from a buyer asking to see my portfolio. He also asked me (at least twice) what sort of experience I had with digital marketing and course creation. He then went into a mini-interview, finally saying he needed me to create an astonishing course for him in the form of a PowerPoint, which he would then present as a course.

So, at first, the buyer sent me a list of 67 topics (literally just vague topics, like: “Facebook Marketing”). I asked how many words they needed and he said, “You decide.”

I told them it’d be better if they came up with an estimate because I had no idea how in-depth they wanted me to go. They asked my pricing and I told them. They said they would also need me to write the script, and then they asked how much their project would cost.

After about ten messages back and forth, it became apparent that they weren’t taking the time to read anything I was writing aside from skimming the first sentence. They had me answer the same questions multiple times (at this point, it was clear they were wasting my time so I literally copy/pasted).

He said, “Since you charge $10 per 500 words, how about 500 words per topic?” I said sure, and told him that his project would be $670, totaling 33,500 words. He said, “That’s waaaaaaay out of budget.”

The next morning, I see a few missed messages. “Don’t you think that’s too long for a PowerPoint?” I told him of course it is, but reminded him that he gave me 67 topics and asked for 500 words on each.

He asked a couple times if the quote included the script, and then had me revise the quote, and then said, “That’s more in budget.” Then, he asked again if my new quote included the script even though I had told him, “No, I would suggest doing that separately.”

He asked a couple more questions, told me to send the offer, and eventually said he’d get back to me.

Hopefully, he won’t. :relieved:

Two days later, they message me with a link to their content. Less than 48 hours had passed, and suddenly they had content around all 67 topics. I’m sure it was plagiarized or spun.

Now they wanted me to edit it, and I wasn’t about to get into that. I’ve learned that whenever someone sends plagiarized content for “editing”, they really want it rewritten into original content at half the price they would be paying if they fairly represented their needs.

I told him I didn’t have time to assist him and that he would benefit from finding another seller.

Gosh, do I feel bad for that seller. :anguished:


I think the clue was all the time of yours he wasted. They never really intend to make a purchase of your gig, just feeling you out trying to see how they can take advantage in some way.

I’m working on ways I can limit these kind of long never ending question sessions that go nowhere.

Huge red flags at this point so you should have stopped answering.

I’ve been victimized in this way lately and am determined to simply stop answering completely much sooner. Otherwise it gets worse and worse.

I kept responding because last time I ignored a buyer they placed an order “just to get my attention” (which, of course, had to be cancelled and I’m now super weary about cancelling anything).

After just a short conversation back-and-forth, I knew I didn’t want to work with him even if he was really interested in buying.

I considered blocking him, but again, I didn’t want to receive a $5 “Pay attention to me!” order. There needs to be a way to stop a person from purchasing in those instances. And, the block feature needs to actually stop a person from messaging us in cases where sellers do try to use it.

I feel like we’re currently forced to put up with it.


I tell them I can’t help them rather than leave them hanging or ignoring them usually, at which point they go crazy sometimes with lots of angry messages but at least they don’t order.