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I am almost new on fiverr, I did not quite to my job still. But fiverr makes me thinking about it… How without some big effort, I got some sales? What could pass if I give all from myself? This history continues… In the meanwhile, I am reading a lot of lectures about success on fiverr… In many cases I had read people with succeeded fiverr’s profiles are using a logo instead of a picture from themselves. In any lectures, people said the picture of a girl sales more than one of a boy. I am a girl, I am using my Picture, but it seems like is more recognized to use a logo for the profile on fiverr. What do you think?


Not meaning to go off topic, but there is a lecture where people are informed that profile pictures with females sell better than males?
While this is informative (and to me comes as no surprise) this will no doubt give some people wrong impressions and will be misused. No wonder I see a lot of fake profile pictures where males use female photos. If one is dishonest at the very beginning of a gig, it can only go downhill from there.

Regarding your picture, it would be best if you could try it out yourself to makes sure, at first use your photo and then change, insert a logo instead. But this could be difficult to carry out properly, there are a lot of factors involved for one to be able to compare this at a satisfying level.

Are you asking this because you are unhappy about the number of sales? This can actually have little to do with your profile image, and more with the fact that you could try and provide more gigs, diversify into more areas on the Fiverr market. Open up for more possibilities.

I think a logo would be intended more in the graphics field (not exclusively), where one for example designs logos as a gig. A logo in ones profile acts as a portfolio piece right from the start, especially here on Fiverr where a beginner has only 3 slots for his portfolio images.

However branding can be a sign that a company (any company in any field) is a professional company, as it takes care of its image, and is able to represent itself by making sure it has a trademark. So it definitely has some merits in the eye of potential buyers.

On a side note, I myself also design logos, but the competition here is so strong that I decided to pass for now. And I am not necessarily talking about competition regarding quality, but the volume of people that are advertising their logo designing gigs here on Fiverr. Like going into a forest in search of a tree.


On Internet… I read as advise to use a female picture or even a profile. I think that is the reason many people use a fake photo for their profiles. I am not worried about sales. I am just asking i.e. why you are not using a photo of your instead a photo of a chair?


thank you for reply!


Which one is better? a photo or showing your logo or work you’ve done?


That is not a photo, that is a 3D computer generated image, with 3d models, materials/shaders and lighting done by myself. It is a piece of my interior architectural visualization portfolio. Like I mentioned since we get only 3 slots for our portfolio, I used my profile picture as another extra free slot.

However, if you enter my gig profile, there I have changed my profile picture to yet another of my portfolio images, a 2d illustration. So again, I am taking advantage to show what I am capable of, and using the profile pic as an extra slot for my work.


Well, since I am not a female but a male, the advantage is gone in terms of getting clients in that regard.
My work ethics prohibit myself from cheating and faking, thus I will not use a fake female photo (also I am proud of what I do, so why fake someones else face on my portfolio?).

Additionally, again, the fact that there are only 3 slots here for portfolio, gave me the idea to try and work with what I have in a more creative manner.

So to me, it is a portfolio piece that is better here on Fiverr given the limitations.

It is based on personal choice and no doubt experience.

No problem, hope I had cleared up some points for you.


I guess It was 3d rendered…


That is correct, and correct terminology.