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Using A Stock Image For Your Profile Pic?

Spotted this today on the BBC website - thought it was interesting.

From a personal point of view, I check all images before I deal with a seller. If they’ve got a stock or celebrity image I’m afraid I won’t deal with them.

How much credence can you give to somebody whose photo can be found supposedly running a landscaping company, working for a university and being one of the beautiful people on IG all at the one time, as well as having the skills needed to run a successful business on Fiverr?

Users who have celebrity photos, or images of completely different people who’ve got nothing to do with Fiverr? Illegal and immoral, and to be honest I hope they get sued.

If, like me, you’re either plug ugly or would like to retain your privacy, just use a cartoon, logo etc.

Added - having read some of the interesting replies to my post (thank you!) I can actually now understand why some people are in fact using stock photos etc. for their profile image. I had made the mistake of thinking that what you looked like, or claimed to look like, wouldn’t actually affect how you were perceived as a seller. It seems I was way wrong - my apologies! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure I understand why to be honest - I make much larger purchases online without having a clue what the seller looks like, or whether they look trustworthy or not. I don’t pick my checkout operator at the supermarket based on the size of their smile.

My reasoning? As a buyer I’m not actually paying my money to an individual seller - I’m paying it to Fiverr who then pays the money to the individual seller. I’m far more interested in the reputation of the website I’m using as a whole, rather than the seller I’m dealing with, as it’s Fiverr who’ll give me my money back if anything goes wrong, not the seller.

Thanks again for all your replies folks! :slightly_smiling_face:


You mean that’s not what you really look like? I’m shocked. :slight_smile:

I’d personally love for someone to steal my picture and use it everywhere online. Just imagine the free marketing. Sadly, my usual ‘possibly slightly alive roadkill’ look isn’t what a lot of brands are looking for right now.


Agree with your post but don’t believe this bit! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been thinking of using my real photo for a while now, but I’m terrified, haha. I’ll just keep pretending to be a typewriter for a little while longer.


Nothing wrong with a typewriter! :slightly_smiling_face:

Better a genuine typewriter than a fake celebrity. I am happy to “be” a logo! :slightly_smiling_face:


Although, that wouldn’t really be “free marketing” unless all of those images linked back to your gigs, pages, or online projects. No link… no benefit to you. :wink:

People who steal your image aren’t looking to use your photo to link back to your content.


I also hope Fiverr would “sue” the thief and not the original model of their own picture.

Lots of easily found stock or otherwise stolen people pics there still, although I think there was a shift from easily found stock/other people pics to harder to find/manipulated to not be findable stolen people pics.

I’ve pondered using only logos in any online ventures several times before, because it’s so easy and well-practiced to steal and abuse other people’s pics for your dubious ventures, but the thing that remains is that many buyers do like to “see whom they are dealing with” and think if you don’t have anything to hide you can as well use your own pic. Though there are valid reasons not to.

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What may be one person’s

might be another’s ‘too much information’.

For those of us with a ‘public’ life prior to, or at the same time as being on Fiverr, might want to keep them separate, for no other reason than personal privacy. as you say:

but still no reason to steal images from other people. :slightly_smiling_face:


My author bio could get me murdered. I have to use a stock image there (paid and with the necessary rights) for my own safety. I would prefer to be anonymous on Fiverr. A few times now I have been found elsewhere by crazy Fiverr people. It unnerves me.


Just like you, I’ll continue to be an ellipsis although, thinking into it, I can always make myself an ellipse… :thinking:

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Of course, not to means to use a logo or drawing which, in some cases, for instance, clearly looks female but still obviously doesn’t save you from being called Sir, dude and the like, so, conclusion: it doesn’t matter what kind of pic you’re using anyway, so you can just as well use a not stolen pic or drawing :wink:

That bolded bit that came before the quoted bit was the important bit in my comment. :wink:

:thinking: Maybe Fiverr should make those drawings like CS staff have mandatory as profile pics, and those need to be drawn after the ID pic handed in (of course presenting the seller in the most advantageous light), they could order some pro gigs for that and give them thousands of reviews like that, too. :wink:

Me too, I’ve told people who wanted to credit me in a movie or book to just use “Mila”.
It would be different maybe if when I’d started on Fiverr, Pro would already have been a thing and people would have been encouraged to sign up with their real name and all and the “we’re oh so private” wouldn’t have been a main theme apparently, if they are going to be IDed now anyway and you need to give your SM in the Pro application.
I’d find it fair if one could apply for Pro with a new account and they’d let one start with a new account name with the review numbers and rating taken from the then deactivated profile, but well, fair is… the word even wouldn’t need to exist, if you think about it longer.


I haven’t been found by crazy Fiverr people, but I did receive a few friendship requests from Fiverr sellers. On a personal profile where I don’t advertise Fiverr. I don’t know whether those guys were crazy, but I’ve blocked them, reported one of them for a fake name (I seriously doubt that his parents named him Fiverr Best), and changed the settings so that only people with whom I have mutual friends can send me a friendship request.

The whole things was unnerving, yes.


These are the crazy people I was referring to.

Thankfully, I’ve since been banned by Facebook for refusing to give them a selfie. In this case, I’m safe. At least until someone I don’t know decides to track me down in real life.

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It seems that Fiverr doesn’t do anything against those people who are using celebrity photos. Is there anything about that in Fiverr TOS ? (I personaly haven’t found a line about that when I read TOS).

It’s in the Seller Help Center.

"Your profile image should be unique and real. We recommend uploading a picture of yourself to add that personal touch to your profile. You can also upload an image that reflects the type of services you offer.

Do not use images from the web.
Do not use images that you don’t have the copyrights for.
Do not include “Fiverr” badges in your profile image.
Avoid using a lot of text in your profile image."


Does this mean the seller can be reported/flagged to CS if their profile pic clearly goes against these rules? But, I guess it is not possible to make out if the person actually purchased copyrights to use the image :thinking:

I find there are countless Fiverr sellers who have broken that rule and continue to, and never get in trouble. I have had several clients who are also sellers who have come to me for voice overs and only their user name stays the same. They have a different stock photo every time they order from me. I am not sure why they change them so much. Maybe they are trying to hide who they are for some reason?

I use my real photo because I have nothing to hide and I want my clients to know that. Quality, honest work, with nothing to hide.

It’s not about hiding something, it’s about privacy & personal security.

You are a man living in a safe country, good for you!

I’m a girl living in a very dangerous country… very, very bad for me!


Oh my goodness! I didn’t think about that! Please forgive my stupidity!

Living in the US and being a male, I too easily forget about situations other than mine. Thank you for reminding me of that. I apologize for my comment if it offended you.