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Using art outside of Fiverr


I want to set up my Deviant page. I have some art that i draw for clients here on Fiver that i like to include in my portfolio Can i use it or i do not have the right to do so ?


If your clients allow you to use it there’s no issue.


There had been posts here on the forums regarding copyrights.
I don’t think that clients would mind in general, but just to be sure me myself and a few others have a note that states about being able show the work one does here in ones portfolio.

Some had argued that if there is no prior notice, clients might refuse (and would have the right to do so as there was no mention of this prior to accomplishing a gig), although I think that the majority would not make problems.

Anyhow don’t take my word for it, I think you might ask just in case if there was no copyright note in your profile.