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Using Available Now

My dear to me, please tell me why is it blocked? I have no active order, no cancel are there.


Apparently you do not have scores high enough in the “High completions and satisfaction”
area of your statistics.


Is your Gig up to 5? Have you completed about 5 successful sells ?

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Is this still a thing?


I thought they ended this for everyone.


My Dear
I’m already 15 order completed and 5 steer review.

same problem here. what can we do now?

I don’t no…!!!

It is not for me at least the “Available NOW” icon is not visible in my dash… I don’t know why.
Maybe I should clear the browser cache.

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as meant = during this time, you noticed buyer for you are available and able to response in a second.

Same problem here. I think it’s fiverr bug. Fiverr maybe working on it. Maybe something good or bad coming for us.

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Same thing for me too, this morning?! I wrote to CS and await their response.

Yeah that “Available Now” icon isn’t on my account anymore. Going to wait to see if it’s a bug. If not, I’ll contact customer service.


What do you mean isn’t there ? What its completely removed or you just can’t start it ?

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This is not right for a seller. if fiverr run this decision permanently, we are gonna facing problem in future. Especially newcomer. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::zipper_mouth_face:

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It isn’t there anymore. I’ve looked everywhere to see if they’ve moved it, but nothing.

:open_mouth: :astonished: thats totally crazy. Mine is still there but unusablle.

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Available now was only in beta. In other words, Fiverr was testing it. The tests apparently are now done as I read in another thread that Available Now is no longer available.

where did you read that info? I am aware it was in beta, but the rest of the story I haven’t seen anywhere.

On the Forum in a different thread. Other posters on this thread read it too.