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Using buyers requests for the first time - The generic responses are disappointing


So I am starting a new project and need some research completed. I decided to put a buyer’s request together to see what type of responses I would get.

The buyer’s request is pretty detailed, and it contains this line: “Please submit 2 - 3 links to similar types of work you have completed. responses that do not contain links will be ignored.”

I have now received ten responses. Do you know how many have links as requested? None. Nada. Zero.

Any buyers that want to get work must read the request and respond to it. Honestly, I am likely to award the work to the first reasonably-priced buyer who comes back to me and shows they have actually read and responded to what I have written…

I need some Example cover letter

I just don’t go there any more, either as a buyer or seller. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are some things you just can’t unsee…


A lot of them don’t even read your request, they send out template offers as quickly as possible.
And then they come here to cry about not receiving any responses.


That’s my whole issue - template responses are a surefire way to get ignored. If they would just take the tiniest amount of effort and respond to me as requested, they would get the work…


Most of the time many sellers start promotions at buyer request section. You will find so many superman sellers who will do everything for you except your required work lolx :slight_smile:


I don’t use buyer requests as a buyer, but I do check it weekly as a seller. Why? I’ll be competing with useless templates.

However, the sad part is that most of those requests are ridiculous. Yesterday a buyer wanted to hire a WP expert to build an eCommerce site for $6. He probably wanted to get it for $5.50, but had to round it up to $6 because of Fiverr system :slight_smile:


I didn’t put a price in, as I was curious to see what buyers offered, but I am happy to pay between $40 - $60 for an hour’s work. It’s just frustrating though - even after I go back to them to say why I can’t give them the work, they are not willing to send links…


I think you’re better off using the search and reaching out to qualified sellers yourself. I think buyer requests will be waste of time :frowning:


I did that too… Hopefully there will be better responses there.


Using buyer requests as a buyer is so annoying that it really should be avoided. All it does is show the incredible amount of incompetent time wasters that there are on this site which really grates at me. I hate being associated with those people…

PS. @paulmaplesden if you ever get the chance, please share this experience with staff along with a couple of well placed expletives. BR could be great but it is horrendous; as I’ve said before, most other freelance platforms work off that system alone .


This is not an offer to fulfill your buyer request. Rather it is more of a question about how the gig that would need to be written to fulfill your request.

There was a buyer a while back that pointed out she was having trouble finding someone who had a research gig. That prompted me to begin to create a research gig.

However, what put the kibosh on my finishing the gig was what to charge. By the hour? By the job? Plus, should the research be on topics the seller is familiar with? I could not research something a techie might use because the language would just be too foreign.
Therefore, my gig sits in draft form until I conceive of what topics I can offer and how to charge for the research.


I know this is off-topic, but during my entire career on Fiverr, I have seen users confuse “buyers” with “sellers” in their Forum posts. I don’t know if it’s instinct or what, but it is there in almost 95% of the posts.

Now, back to your post, it is a dilemma of this platform. In a race to be the first seller responding, users literally copy and paste a pre-written offer (offer because all of them use almost the same template from a so called Fiverr mentor).
This is not only frustrating for the buyers, but also the sellers who actually read the buyer’s request and respond appropriately. Normally, a buyer gets annoyed after reading such template responses and gives up.


Buyer requests is just hideous. The problem, however, lies just as much with buyers requesting work as it does sellers. (Obviously this is not directed at you Paul).

On the few occasions when I have bid for work on buyer requests, I have spent a lot of time drafting an offer which points people towards past work samples, says exactly what I am capable of providing, and which states exactly when I can get work done by.

Sadly, despite offering shockingly low rates, I’ve never had a bite. What is more, this is due to the fact that people seriously think that they can get a video like the below for $5: (There is currently a BR asking for a video like this for $5).

Part of the problem with BR could be fixed by putting a $25 minimum on buyer requests themselves. Anyone wanting something for less could then get a pop up directing them to $5 gigs which already offer the kind of service they are looking for.

As for sellers who send spam or template proposals, there should be a three strike ban option where if people start spamming people requesting work, buyers have a right to report them and after the third time, they get put out to pasture.

All of the above (or something along those lines) is way overdue. Instead, we just get retina-scorching dashboards and threats of execution should we not start working harder.


Is that your video? :thinking:


No. That’s a video someone wants a copy of for $5.


This is possibly the best suggestion I have seen for BR! What a difference that would make


I agree. Now let us all start beating the ‘let’s give Andy commission’ drum should my suggestion be implemented.


be careful what you wish for. They might decide your reward would be that all those looking to spend less than the $25 would be sent to you.


This would actually fit with the psychological profile which I have drawn up on Fiverr over the past few years. I’m already one step ahead, though. Once I have finally mastered use of the apostrophe and semicolon, I’m going full $50 minimum on all my gigs.


The semicolon joins two related ideas that could also be individual sentences.

The apostrophe shows possession.

Now charge away, cyaxrex! Charge away. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: