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Using buyers requests for the first time - The generic responses are disappointing


Trust me, if you saw my writing prior to a once through with Grammarly and an hours rest before a second spellcheck, you’d call the police.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: WOW! I am so shocked to find this on the forum. I thought I was the only one who keeps seeing 20 offers in 5secs of a job posting. I know you older sellers don’t need BR but for newbies like us, it’s the most assured means of getting orders for now.

I had to pause my research and summaries gig because almost all the buyers were students looking for someone to do their assignment.

Also, I support the option of $25 order minimum when posting on buyer request 100%. at least buyers will think twice before posting. as for the sellers posting on BR, i have been told to just ignore them and it works like magic :scream:

By the way if you are still looking for an expert researcher I’ll be glad to show you my previous work and we can work something out.




The buyer’s request is pretty detailed, and it contains this line: “Please submit 2 - 3 links to similar types of work you have completed. responses that do not contain links will be ignored.”

I have now received ten responses. Do you know how many have links as requested? None. Nada. Zero.

Would the sellers necessarily have the links and the permission from their buyers to link to them, seeing as all rights/copyright goes to the buyer. Surely a person could do research for a client, similar work to what you want and deliver it to the client in the order. That doesn’t necessarily mean the seller has access or the right/permissions to show that work to other clients or the final result of that research.

Terms of service:

… the delivered work shall be the exclusive property of buyer, and seller assigns all rights, title and interest in the delivered work

Unless the buyer gives permission or publicly says the work was done by a particular seller surely the seller doesn’t have the permission to show the result of that past work for a past Fiverr client (which is normally classed as “work for hire”) - other than anything in the review/gallery that was authorised/written by the buyer.

So it could just be the buyers who didn’t link to past Fiverr work, where they didn’t have the permission from their past sellers, were doing the right thing and respecting the rights of their past sellers, any confidentially agreements, the Fiverr Terms of Service and the law.


Exactly,it is getting difficult for a new comer, when their only hope is buyer request


That’s not the problem here. You can post a buyer request yourself and see what kind of crap you get in response :wink:
I made a post about a similar issue just a few days ago


You can post a buyer request yourself

I already did that quite a while ago. Only probably 1 or maybe 2 (I think more likely 1) out of all them (around 30? most of which responded very quickly) seemed to have actually fully read and responded to what I had asked for, the rest seemed like template responses.

That’s not the problem here.

I still think it could be. Any sellers who are actually respecting the rights of their buyers (who normally will own full, exclusive rights and interest to that work), by not linking to/showing that past work without the permission of their past sellers are doing the right thing. The sellers have normally given away all “interest” and “rights” to that past Fiverr work.


Paul can explain what kind of links he was asking for, but if a seller has a problem providing links then they can explain it in their offer.


I think the two of you are right, uxreview in so far that probably that´s not the reason for most, but can confirm that I in fact did not reply to a few BRs over my time here because of the reason you list.


A quick update - I received around 25 offers across two requests. Of those, three people actually listened to what I had asked for and responded correctly.

I have since followed up with them, and two of them will get work. Out of three. Who responded properly!

That’s a 67% success rate for any other buyers out there considering responding to a buyer’s request - read it and respond to it correctly, and you have an excellent chance of being awarded work, because the buyers you are competing with in BR are, frankly, terrible.


Just like to add that buyers who post requests need to do better as well.

A large majority of them are so brief that they can mean anything which means the seller has to do extra work in composing an offer to cover all angles. Thats a lot of work.

But to be honest i see this from buyers from outside Fiverr as well.


Indeed, my requests are detailed, exactly so I can make a more informed choice based on responses.


I am also now in the somewhat unusual position of telling a buyer they are way underpricing their work and probably need to charge me more… This is an interesting experience.


you may be a sellers dream


I would wait until the job is done and then give a tip :wink:
Otherwise you might be in a situation where you ask to be charged more and then the job is not what you expected.


That’s a fair point.


Well, they tripled their offer and it was still half my budget…! I guess I am a “Pro” buyer as well as a “Pro” seller.


…and this is the type of c***p that ends up in Buyers requests

create your illustration image and very early delivery your photo and I hope that my editing after seen you happy and feel awesome so if you create your awesome photo then order me…


What’s rong in that i dont take point


It’s a seller advertising (badly) in Buyers’ Requests, which is where buyers only should advertise if they’re looking for a seller to do some work for them.