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Using Completed Gigs in Portfolio

Sorry if this is a silly question! I’m still pretty new to this stuff and couldn’t find an answer in the policies.

What’s the protocol in using gigs I’ve completed for buyers on Fiverr in my gig portfolio? Do I need to wait a certain amount of time or anything? Do they need to have used it first? If an order is cancelled can I still use that work in my portfolio (with the business logo/info)?

I had an extremely limited portfolio before signing up for Fiverr – I’m here partly to gain experience – and I’m eager to update it. Trying to avoid treading on anyone’s toes, though!

Hi @luckygutsy, welcome to Fiverr!

The best way to do this overall is to activate “Live Profile” under the settings for your Gig. This way, when you deliver the completed product it’ll show up, along with the Buyer’s review.

As far as Logos for cancelled orders, I say go for it! They’re still entirely 100% your own intellectual property, so you should do what you want. Those will have to be manually posted by you.

Let me know if this helps!

Reply to @david388:

Thanks for the reply! I do have live portfolio activated but I’ve noticed not all the reviews include an image. Can buyers choose to opt out of that?

Reply to @luckygutsy: they can. When a buyer marks your order as complete and types in a review, the image that will show up is there, also. If they don’t want it publicly available, they can “uncheck” the image. Sounds like that might have been what happened.

Your live portfolio is partly based on you allowing access to it and partly the buyer allowing access to it.

For me I don’t allow my writing gigs to be on portfolio but my voiceover gigs I do want to be heard so if my customers allow it then they can be heard.

Hang in there you’ll soon have more than enough samples up!

In the Gigs you have that are in the Graphics Category, your Portfolio is defaulted to on and you can not change it. So you might include a note with your delivery letting your Buyer know that they have the option to not show it. There have been a substantial number of Sellers that have had serious complaints about unwanted images that were included in their Portfolios. All because Buyers mistakenly allowed it.

Why Fiverr made it mandatory?, I have no idea :frowning: