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Using emoticons/emojis when talking to buyers?

To start out, I am a Level One Seller and I joined Fiverr in March 2017.

I’ve seen this question on the Forms before, but I haven’t had it be relevant for me until recently. Some of my buyers will either use emoticons like :slight_smile: or emojis when communicating. I’ve never used them back, as I find it unprofessional, but sometimes I think I might be a little rude or coming off as too serious to the people that send me emojis/emoticons when I don’t send them back.

What’s your opinion/experiences with this?

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I :heart: emojis.

I have no problem getting them from sellers, especially the “Thank you!” & :slight_smile:


I use emojis to make the conversation more lively, although moderately. I don’t want to come off as being too serious, the services I offer require me to be lively and creative at all times.

So I say YES! If it pleases you and the client then do it.


I use emoticons and I address my clients by their first name. Never had a problem with that.
If a buyer has a problem with that then they can find someone else :stuck_out_tongue:


Just be yourself. I use emojis sparingly and have a good relationship with my clients and have pleasant conversations with many of them. Just be true to who you are and you’ll be ok.


You should use them because they are top trend to social media

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I don’t think this is a good enough reason to justify emojis. Kim Kardashian is also a top trend, and you don’t see people dropping thoughts about her in conversation just to communicate how trendy they are.

I feel like you should figure out the specific buyer. If they use emojis (or even just talk in an informal way), it’s a good sign you can as well.


My use of emoticons is contingent upon buyer’s tone and approach. I always wait to observe their chat. Is it formal? :bust_in_silhouette: Is it lively!:raising_hand_woman: Is it serious!:frowning_woman:

I love :heart: smileys and I use them a lot! but when it comes to clients, I follow :walking_man:their lead. And we transact happily ever after.:grin:

Good luck! :v:


I don’t think it’s professional to use them in a business communication.

I wouldn’t want to see a seller I hired using them. For me it indicates a conversation is not serious or businesslike. And I want it to be serious in that situation.

I usually start off pretty professional; as I get a good grasp of the type of client I’m dealing with, i’ll sometimes use emoji’s. I find they help lighten the mood; but I’ll only use them if I feel like the client will perceive them positively.


I instantly envision the emoji user as all the same bratty preteen in an 80’s film. Smacking gum…wreaking of aqua-net… head emptier than a megachurch during a hurricane… Look, young Sarah Jessica Parker, this isn’t a Pollock- it’s a paragraph. Learn to convey your actual tonality with words and a linguistic- coloring that is uniquely your own.

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I only use " :slight_smile: " on occasion. Usually to ease the situation, let them know the revisions aren’t trouble without being so serious. While it’s important to be professional, in my opinion I don’t think an occasion “smile emoji” turns it unprofessional.

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Just be cool : ) and :grin:

When a potential buyer contacts me the first time, I don’t use them, but
I do use :slight_smile: depending on the “feel” of the buyer if that makes sense.

Once I feel like I’m starting to know the person I might use them more often, but I usually stick to the :slight_smile: and :smiley: to show them how happy/grateful I am.


I agree with @zeus777. Stick to the basic emoticons.
I usually go for :slight_smile: and :confused: occasionally :smile:

I never go for :heart: or :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: even though sometimes it feels justified.