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Using external server to show website progression to buyers


I’m new on Fiverr and just received my first order. Now a question came to my mind.
Is it allowed on Fiverr to use external links to show the order progression to the buyer? Is it against Fiverr rules?
I couldn’t find any prohibition of sending external links in Fiverr T.O.S.
Since I’m a web developer I need to upload my works on an online server and let the buyer check the website functionality before delivery.
If it’s not allowed, then how can I show the website to the buyer or upload it to his/her server at the time of delivery?


you can upload it in your temp server and send the links to clients. Giving regular updates to the client during gig is very good habit.
But make sure do not send any contact details or dont ask for direct payment.
Happy Earning.


Thanks @itechoza But don’t you think they may simply find my contact information from WHOIS?


Here’s the list of allowed URLs you can use in your gig desriptions etc. - they’re at the bottom of this page:

In terms of how to show progress with website design, the best thing would be to ask CS - they can give you a better answer than any of us here can: