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Using Fiverr account from Multiple devices

I need to know if I can access my fiverr account from multiple devices. I have 2 laptops and 1 smartphone, Can I login into my fiverr account from both the laptops and smartphone? Please let me know if you are sure about it.

Thanks in advance!


Hi shoebashraf,

I log in from three laptops and two smartphones. It has caused me no issues.

The only thing I recommend is that you reply to all your buyers and inquirers only from a laptop/PC, since I have discovered that not every message you send from a smartphone to a buyer will get stored.

This caused me an issue when my response rate dropped; the new buyers certainly did receive my responses but they somehow never got stored in the thread between me and the buyer, so when it came to review time, my response rate fell. It was a worry.

However, now I send every message from the laptop, no more messages have gone missing.

Otherwise, I do not think you will have a problem although I would use as few devices as possible. I’d also recommend you be very certain that you know your logins (username and password) when logging in for the first times from new devices–otherwise, you would look like a hacker and get your account locked. :slight_smile:

As long as you know your details and don’t have to have several login attempts, I’m sure you’ll be fine!



Hi Annie,
Thanks a lot again for sharing your experience. Do you think it will be a problem if I reply the buyers from both the laptops?

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I would imagine you’ll be fine doing that: I do it no problems. Just be sure though that you always back-check to be sure that any messages you send are showing in the thread a few hours after you sent them–just in case using multiple devices causes message loss, as it’s a nightmare when it happens!


strongly agree… still consider all responses

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Thank You for the suggestions. I really appreciate.

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Hi Annie, Thanks for your nice reply. It has a lot of information. Really it will help me and with a lot of Fiverr users.


I totally agree with you


you can use multiple devices but make sure they are using the same network i.e. IP

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Can not I work from different places?

You are so welcome, sandipank! I hope you have no issues with it. It was really scary when my messages kept disappearing but as long as I send important messages from a laptop, it all seems fine. Good luck with everything and here’s hoping you get lots of business. :slight_smile:

Hi shoebashraf,

I use multiple devices from many locations and several IP addresses…nothing bad happened!

But I do think it is wise to use new devices the very first time from the same IP address you have been using previously, so I reckon that was good advice from sayedussadat. It is really just saying, prove who you are by not being unpredictable when you first sign in from a new device.

So–when trying a new device for the first time:

–make sure you know your password!
–make sure you know your username!
–don’t have multiple attempts at signing in (if you forget the username or password, ha);
–and try to sign in from your regular place (just the first time).

After that, of course, the IP address should not matter. I travel UK-wide and I sign in from all over the country and from several devices all the time. It’s all been okay…

As mentioned before, I just make sure I check the message threads that I have with new buyers, to be sure all my messages that I sent from multiple devices have indeed appeared in the thread so that I don’t go crazy trying to work out why my resonse rate dropped! (The buyers were saying they had had the messages I sent from mobiles BUT these messages had disappeared from the threads for them too. Just now and then.).

I think messages sent from laptops seem to appear in the message thread (as do ‘most’ messages from mobiles.) Just very very occasionally, one goes missing when it was sent from a phone. Very irritating. But it’s easy to sort out now you know…

Important message? Always send from a laptop/PC OR double-check the thread after a few hours to make sure it is there, if sending from a mobile!

Best wishes, all.



Hi Annie,
You have been very helpful, this suggestions will really make things easy for me. Best Wishes for you too.

Everytime I log on from my PC, as of late. - I get a pop up that says something like “you’re logging in from a new device, please confirm your account” - then they send an email, text or fiverr phone notification.

I have used this same PC to login to fiverr for 8 years, and this notification just started,

Thanks a lot sharing your experience with us.

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Yes you can. I am already using my account from different devices. i-e, Laptops and Phones

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I think would be great to leave something from the Fiverr Support itself. I had asked about this as I have separate internet being used on my smartphone and my laptop. (Mobile Data & Wifi)


P.S. I know I have some great photo editing skills. Right?

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Thank You for sharing

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us!

I was having doubt about it, now it’s clear to me thanks a lot @anniejenkinson

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