Using online storage services and buyers not downloading on time


Hello! I’m sure I am not the only one who uses cloud services to send larger files through download links. I usually paste the link into the delivery box and then leave the buyers’ product on my storage place until the order is complete (sometimes a few days after that if I don’t get a review, to know they had the chance to get it). After that, I need to delete the video to make space for new buyers’ videos.

I recently had two buyers whose orders were complete a few weeks ago respectively a few months ago (who also left me positive reviews) who contacted me about their download links “not working” anymore.

I had a mini heart attack when I found out they didn’t download their videos when I delivered them, even though they watched them and gave me a thumbs up, completing the order. I was lucky to still have the raw footage in the program I record with (which is amazing, because I delete a lot of stuff all the time) but I don’t feel that it’s my responsibility to keep their files on my cloud services forever.

I realize I should have probably told them that the links will not work forever. I just assumed they knew how this worked. I definitely learned my lesson and I advise everyone to tell their buyers that the download links will expire in a few days after the order is complete (or as soon as they let you know that they got it).

How do YOU deal with online storage services and buyers, especially unresponsive buyers? I haven’t figured out how to deal with that yet…


I save every file that I ever make, that way if I delete it from my cloud I still can upload it later if they need.


I let them know, you have 24 hours from the time I send this link to download, once you download the file will be deleted from the server automatically. The end user is responsible for all files related to the project after I am done with it. I will keep the project for one year after it is done but after that it’s gone.I apply the same rules for my small business which I’m not aloud to disclose here. lol!


Reply to @mintyone: That’s great. But I for one really don’t have the space for it. Not in my computer nor on my cloud.


Reply to @marrie: Ok, so basically, just letting them know you will delete the files should do the trick.


Use more than one account for your cloud storage.

Now with Google you can store more and more files with each new account. And I think there is no limit on how much google accounts you can create.


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Reply to @armer: Ok, so let’s say I’d have three accounts… there is a limit to the number of usernames and passwords I can use comfortably. Is it really my responsibility to keep their files safe forever?


Reply to @vedmak:

Depends on the file size, I guess. I have a 2 TB drive I store everything on and haven’t even come close to filling it.

Thanks for the compliment on the video–I’m in the process of remaking it, I doubt many people watch it all the way through!


Reply to @carlaism:

It’s not your responsibility to keep their files safe forever!

Because they are now their files and not yours anymore, and they need to protect them.

But this solution I provided is to keep those files for a longer time. Maybe one month or two. This will help in case you are dealing with some crazy buyers.

I have more than 20 Google accounts and I think there is no limit for this.


Reply to @vedmak: Yes, I agree, it’s their files, they should keep them safe. As for making changes, I don’t mind that, as long as they pay for it and give me the file to work on, since I will probably not have it after two weeks (if it’s a large file that I uploaded on the cloud).

In my situation, my buyers just wanted their videos… but after a very long time. I was shocked that they didn’t download before leaving the review. I was even more shocked to find their raw files in my recording software, which was nothing but great luck.


Reply to @mintyone: Sorry to interfere, but I must say, it’s a shame to remake that video. It explains everything perfectly and it looks very professional. I, for one, watched it until the end. Congratulations!


Reply to @carlaism: Just looked at your videos and wow! Well done! Have you ever thought about making a gig without the webcam title? Using the webcam reference is a great idea, and your camera looks good enough you could market to people wanting both types of videos (webcam and normal).


lol. I treat life like a contract. The end user is responsible for their files and I’m not. If they want it after a year, tuff nuggies, it’s gone after that year is up. and as for the 2 tb drive I have one and it’s almost full. of 700 gigs of music I have plus about 300-400 gigs in mp3 books I read and the rest people’s projects, or at least that’s the goal once I get my small business off the ground, which I’ve been trying to do with out success since 2009. I guess people don’t want anything edited as they believe they can do it themselves and it will sound good. I’ve heard some awful editing and I feel like saying, here, pay me $40 and hour and I’ll do it for you lol! Hehahaha. Ok. I’m out ah here all. Be blessed.


Reply to @mintyone: Thank you! I don’t want to mislead the buyers. I am using an HD webcam but the quality delivered is definitely not equal to what a professional camera can do. It also seems to have a mind of its own on cloudy days, when the quality is lower than usual. :slight_smile:

So I’d rather miss on some sales than have unsatisfied customers. But thank you for the suggestion.


Reply to @marrie: I wish I could keep things for a year. I like to keep about 80GB of free space in my computer that can be gone in a matter of days if I have many orders (with all the takes, retakes, etc), so once I upload big files on the cloud, I delete everything from my computer.

Otherwise, I don’t have space for new orders. So of course that I also end up deleting videos from complete orders from the cloud once I’m out of space in there to make room for new videos. I assume that the buyer must have downloaded it since they left me a review or let the order complete.

But from now on, I’m writing a “10 day download term” message whenever I deliver through download links. I’ve learned my lesson.