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Using other peoples work

I have only been a member for three days and still waiting for my first commission.

I have been researching other peoples gigs who seem to be doing quite well and I am amazed and appalled by the amount of people who promote themselves behind other peoples hard work. I have lost count of the paintings by the artists Richard Ramsey and Andrew Atroshenko that I have seen on peoples gigs who are pretending they have have created them. Surely there must be rules governing this practice.

Do the right thing and STAND BEHIND YOUR OWN WORK!!!


Whenever you find something stolen, just report the gig. :slight_smile:

I’m going to be quite busy then lol

How do you report someone? I can’t find any report buttons on the various gigs.

On the upper right, there’s a flag button next to the favorite button. Click that if you’re reporting a gig.


I have searched high and low, I cannot find the flag button. Is this maybe only available when you reach a certain level?

It was introduced some time ago, but it’s possible that some people didn’t get it yet.

If you don’t have it, you can still send a ticket to Customer Support and report the thieves.

Mine looks like that but no flag.