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Using outside courses like Udemy to build trust

I am currently taking Udemy courses, mostly in IT-related subjects right now. However, if I got some courses in WordPress or Writing/Proofreading (the two gigs I plan to offer as a service), and passed or completed those courses, is there a way to get the same sort of badge from Fiverr as you get from taking one of the Learning courses on Fiverr?

I only ask because Udemy has a lot of flash sales on courses and right now every penny counts. Thank you in advance for your time.

As far as I am aware, there are no gig badges for tests taken on other sites. The only course badges you can display on your gig, are the courses/tests you took here on Fiverr.


You can use the knowledge from those Udemy courses to take some tests on Fiverr. If you passed the tests, you will probably build trust. If not, then the Udemy courses sucked :slight_smile: