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Using Paid Advertising To Increase Sales

How’s it going everyone! Hope everyone is doing good!

Just dropping by with a quick question, looking for various opinions on it. Recently, I decided to use the Facebook ads platform to try and drive traffic to my gig. However, it was unsuccessful. The ad reached over 3000 people but only 15 clicked through. Granted it only cost me €10 to run the ad. I was wondering if anyone else has used this type of promotion before for their gigs and is it worth it?

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I haven’t done this specifically for Fiverr gigs but it did work (somewhat) in generating likes for a page I started, although the cost per like ended up pretty unsustainable. A single like is obviously very different to a sale!

I’d definitely be interested to see if anyone else has used Facebook ads to drive Fiverr sales successfully.

Sam, I’m guessing despite the click through you had no sales from the ad campaign?

Yeah I got zero sales. I was working with two clients at the time but I knew where they came from. Maybe it could help with ranking on fiverr as your gig would get more impressions but for the price you pay it doesn’t seem worth it. Also, there’s no way of installing Facebook Pixel on Fiverr to track conversions. Which would be a nice feature to implement for those wanting to use it. Maybe I just haven’t found the right audience yet to convert. I was mainly targeting start up websites and people interested in digital marketing. Maybe I might try target dropshipping individuals and I’ll see how that goes.

Bingo. If you don’t know how to find the right target audience then hire a professional.
You get what you pay for.

Well, the pursuit of finding the right audience is a very expensive endeavour. I have a lot of experience with Facebook ads and I’ve ran much campaigns. However, just to promote a 5 euro gig doesn’t seem to be worth the ROI.

Why are you trying to sell €5 gigs in the first place?

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Improve my credibility. I figure if I offer my services for a cheap price and go above and beyond the call of duty for my clients they’ll really appreciate what they pay for. Word of mouth marketing. Then as sales start gaining momentum then increase the price and offer more.

You know your market better than I do, but based on my experience I would say that you can’t really go from $5 to $100 with the same clients. People who are willing to pay more for your services are probably skipping you thinking that for $5 they won’t get much value. Usually you get what you pay for.

You have 10y of experience, why are you still trying to reel in $5 clients. You should have enough proof to approach clients at a higher price range. You can even bring your old clients to this platform to build your reputation while getting paid what you deserve.

That’s what I did at the beginning. I didn’t want to sell websites for $5 so I brought some of my own clients here. There is a risk that they will find someone else here, but you should know your clients enough to assess that risk.

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