Using PayPal Not Mine In a Different Country



My country doesn’t support PayPal but I have a fully verified account PayPal created in an another country! Will I get in trouble if I associate that PayPal to my account to withdraw my earnings? The PayPal is not on my own name but the person created it on his own name for me?



You may want to check the ToS about this or ask CS.


Even if Fiverr allows it, you are aware that PayPal will ask you to verify the account after a certain money threshold and that they freeze accounts until successfull verification? If it’s not under your name, how will you prove to them that it’s your account?
You’re setting yourself up for trouble, isn’t Payoneer available in your country?


Well, the PayPal is fully verified with linked bank and credit card but it’s in a different country someone created it for me and have full access to it no withdraw limitations!


Yeah, and if there are any problems, like they see suspicious account activity, or someone tries to hack it, or your transactions reach a new limit or whatever, good luck with proving its your account then. You read PayPal’s ToS, of course, I suppose, or your friend who made that account for you did. Well, it’s your account (or not) and your money you might not be able to access some time, do what you want.


The name on your profile won’t match the PP name, yeah? I don’t think that’d be alright. You better ask.