Using public wifi connection



I hope you guys are all fine.I need to clear a confusion!

I know that Fiverr allows one user from one IP address. most of the time, I use my account from my home. but sometimes, when I am at my university. I need to use my account under university’s wifi connection for urgent modification/delivery.
my question is, using public wifi connections like my university’s wifi - will that cause any problem for my Fiverr account?
please clarify about - can I use university’s wifi without any future problem or I should only use my home’s network.
Thanks for helping!


It should not, but don’t rely on my answer… It’s an opinion…


okay, thanks for your opinion- i think the same as you. i just message support team about this. i will update by their reply here so we can be confirm.



You can use public wifi without any problems. I do it all the time.


Like Miss Crystal, I use public WiFi all the time too in different time zones.

I travel often for my job so I can be in four time zones in one day, granted all U.S. zones.


Yeah, the customer support also confirm that its ok to use public wifi connections. :smiley:


Public wifi connections are fine… I just play it safe and don’t login my bank accounts/Paypal or anything like that. I’m always traveling, so using Wifi is a must for me to stay connected to those important things. :sunglasses:


To keep your connection more secure, you may even want to use a VPN while using public Wifi, although since your traffic with Fiverr is encrypted it’s not so bad.

As for the rules, you can confirm with Fiverr support, but there should not be any problems with public WiFi. From what I know, they use different indicators for determining if somebody is breaking the rules by running multiple accounts… and public WiFi should not matter as long as you play by the rules!


It depends on what you mean. If you mean using the wifi connection from your own laptop. You should be fine.

It will be dangerous to use the university’s computers.because you never know who has signed in a Fiverr account too.

If I were you, I will use a mobile wifi. Public WiFi s are dangerous because anyone can create a rogue network and capture all your personal info.


Why Fiverr is not verifying every user Govt ID Card, And there will be no confusion of multiple accounts.


Not all countries have Government issued ID cards.


But I see some other Platforms verify Govt ID Card


Maybe they do, but I don’t have a Government ID card, so wouldn’t be able to register! :wink:

There’s only one of me BTW! :slightly_smiling_face:


A site without @offlinehelpers would be like :baby:t4: wah & blah. :cold_sweat:


Do lots of other countries have ID cards or not? I know we don’t but I’m unsure about everywhere else in the world.


I think so. A Government ID could be a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, social security card or a state-issued identification card which is commonly used. Living in the States and the Caribbean those things are necessary to get shit done or you’ll be shit outta luck.

Maybe the @moderators_team could split these posts in a Fiverr Site Suggestion topic? :smile:


Maybe Fiverr verify any ID card of user issued by Govt


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Most of time I use public Wifi.
There is No issue for me.