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Using Rejected Order to Work Out Extension

My client has no set days he needs an order done by. While we’ve been passing documents back and forth, the deadline (from the offer) has crept closer and the work isn’t completed. So if I was to have him reject the order, to void the time limit, so we can keep working-- would this negatively impact me? Neither of us are sure, lol.

An offer is something different then an order.
If you are taling about an order, the buyer doesn’t have to set any time thingy.

Errrr, what actually are you talking about or asking?

Canceling an order will show in your sales stats; it’s generally not a good thing, especially as you’re a new seller.

I’d ask him to send you everything he has so you can make big headway into it. Deliver the partial work and ask him to purchase a revision… make sure your revisions are set to as many days as possible (ex: additional revision for $5 and an extra 10 days). That way, the clock gets pushed back and you still have the order without canceling.

If your buyer isn’t willing to buy a $5 extension, tell him that you need the information to complete the gig immediately, otherwise it will have to be a mutual cancellation, which would be no fun for either of you.

Customer Support might also be helpful, should things take a turn for the negative.

Edited to add: if the buyer just rejects a delivery, the clock comes back on immediately, so that won’t really help. But rejecting an order and requesting modification does NOT affect your seller stats. Only cancellations or un-delivered orders, I believe.

Sorry for the confusion, the order was placed for 7 days ago (and will be expiring today). But the work isn’t finished. We both have come to the conclusion that this project may take another week, if not longer. But the pay was a lot upfront, so I’m not looking to ask for more money (he’s already been more than generous)–but I don’t want him feeling he’s getting swindled either. Another comment below suggested a 5$ extension offer-- I think that will work out in this case.

But thank you for trying! Lol, again I’m sorry for the clarity issue. =)

This is great advice, thank you. This is already for an order we’ve made. That was set for seven days (ago and as of today will expire), but we both realized it’s going to take possibly another week or longer to finish the project. So I will pitch the extension for $5 with more time, I don’t think that will be a problem. Thank you so much for your help and time! =)

If you can complete the task and buyer also is not in hurry then continue the order and deliver some of your work within the due date and buyer and ask for revisions…