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Using royalty-free content for our Gig orders

I am new to Fiverr, and I do not want to be a copycat. But still, I have a question that,
is it legally and ethically ok and fine to use royalty-free content to complete our order (which
is already available on the net and prepared by someone else)



No, If the buyer reports you, your ac will get a ban.

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Thanks for the helpful reply.

@pk_lancer, WHAT, HOW, WHY do you even have to think like that, not to forget talking about IT??? Where is the world going too, PLEASE GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US HONEST SELLERS!! :crazy_face:

Your son, Humberto :joy:


Dear, I already mentioned that I do not want to be a copy cat. But I had a question.
So I asked.
Thanks for the helpful reply. I will not think about it in future. :hear_no_evil:

Two wrong answers in a road, don’t refer people to as DEAR, BRO, MATE, SWEETHEART, LOVE, BUDDY, and the list goes on and on… it is very unprofessional. imagine If I called you ‘‘sweetheart’’ as example, how would you think that sounds??? Would you call your clients Dear as well, no I don’t think so, no different here. Good luck and be good!! Warmly, Humberto


Ok noted. I will be careful.

Also please re-read your answer. “Your son, Humberto :joy:” so I am justified that I used the word Dear

What kind of content are we talking about here, and why would someone pay you for content that they can get for free?

Also, I see that you’re already using a copyrighted logo as your gig image, which is illegal, and it means that you’re not just asking, you’re already breaking the law.

Honestly, buyers should be wary of ordering from you, because you obviously don’t know what copyright is, or how to make sure that your client doesn’t face a lawsuit.


Hahaha glad you took this slightly, I was prepared for the worst somebody could throw at me. :rofl: Welcome to the forum. I wish you all the best.


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Did I.

I just removed my Gig.

I deleated my GIG and I will prepare one from my own work.

Your reply is helpful and I must think about it seriously.

Sorry I’m picking on you today, I’m not usually such a picker :rofl::joy: but you should have thought of this before sending us your thread. This way you wouldn’t have nothing to pick on :rofl:

Nevermind. :+1:

It was my mistake and I am responsible for the replies that I am getting. But this will be very helpful for me in future.