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Using same internet connection


HI Everyone. I need your opinions. My brother and I both work on Fiverr. We both have completely different gigs. According to him, if two accounts are operated from same IP ( Wifi), then there is a risk of accounts being ban because that would appear as a person using two accounts. Thats why he uses a separate internet connection. Is it true and what are your opinions? Has anyone asked the support or staff. I need more valid answer.

@taverr @catwriter @miiila @djgodknows @annai80 What do you guys say?


You called guys having definitely valid answers to your question.
In my opinion ,using two accounts on same laptop or PC is harmful to accounts but not the same WiFi connection.


You need to ask CS - I believe there can be a problem when two or more accounts share the same IP address, which two laptops on the same wi-fi would do.

Better check just in case.


As long as the two accounts do not interact, I think you’ll be OK. However, it might be worth sending a ticket to customer support to clarify the situation.


Exactly I was going to ask them but then I thought about forum to know that you people’s opinions are about this.


By the way, In which category it will be? I am talking about the ticket?


Fiverr do uses IP and MAC addresses to find users creating multiple accounts but if you take permission from the CS for this it would be better and you both can use the same internet connection then. Prevention is better than cure! :slight_smile:

Btw you can submit the ticket in “Account Support”.


Account support? 20 chars


It should be fine if you offer different things, and if you don’t interact with each other or use the same PayPal/Payoneer account.

Still, if you’re looking for a valid answer, you have to contact Customer Support (and if they say that it’s all right, make screenshots, just in case). We can only speculate on the forum; only CS can give you a valid answer.


What next?


Yes he use Paypal, I use Payoneer. He is a web developer and I am graphic designer…


Different email addresses, too, I hope.


Any doubt? :smirk: Of course


I´m in the ‘ask CS’ camp too, I´d definitely describe the situation exactly to CS to get an okay specific to your situation. Too much on the line to take unneded risks.


Saddu Daddu,

2 posts so not repeating:

Create Ticket under:
-> Feature Support
-> Other Selling Feature.
select any category for ticket and write this on the description:
Please FORWARD this ticket to the appropriate department.


Hi Everyone, Here is the Official reply of CS.

In certain circumstances, it is acceptable to have more than one account at your location, for example, an account for each family member. However, the accounts must abide by our Terms of Service.

The most important rules to take note of in this situation are:

The accounts may not sell similar services
The accounts may not purchase from one another
The accounts may not share a withdrawal provider (Paypal/Payoneer)
I hope this information helps.


Yes, we have multiple accounts at my house.

My account is the most active, my husband also does VO and audio processing. So we have two accounts, separate email addresses, banking stuff.

I know my husband sent a message to CS before the second account was created so they had a record of what we were doing. No issues for us after 9 months…

It’s a matter of keeping it all legit, nobody trying to game the system AND making sure you don’t operate off the same computer unless you really know what you’re doing.


Thanks, Saddu, the rest is guessable, but that one not so much.


Yes you are right but as @lisabaarns said, its a matter of keeping it all legit. So as long as the TOS are taken care of, everything will be okay…

I am very sorry

Thanks for sharing CS official reply.