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Using same IP address Issue

I am a new seller of Fiverr. Although I haven’t published a gig yet, I’ll do it soon.

I wanted to know that a friend of mine used to sell on Fiverr before where I live now. Somehow his account was disabled and he no longer sells on Fiverr. The real problem is that the service I want to sell now and the service he sold before are the same. And yet we have that shared broadband connection. Is that impact my account?

I’m really tensed about this matter because in our country most of us used a shared broadband connection around us. So what should I do now?


I don’t think so. the account was only disabled. But you can try it out to see for yourself. But make sure you don’t use the same email as he used to create his account.


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While multiple people using the same connection is permitted, it’s best to get that permission directly from CS first. Shared IP is one of the methods used to detect multiple-account fraud, but only one.


Obviously. Tnx for your suggestion.

I tried to do so but they send me this " However, in that case, the following rules must apply:

  1. The accounts cannot sell similar services.
  2. The accounts cannot purchase from one another.
  3. The accounts cannot share a withdrawal provider (Paypal/Payoneer).

If all this is honored, there shouldn’t be any issues." which isn’t helpful to me at all .
Would you please tell me how can I get permission for that ?

Pretty sure the accounts can share the same withdrawal provider. Paypal is the most popular payment method, so everyone uses it I’m pretty sure. And lots of people dislike Payoneer, so I don’t see many people using it. So there’s not a lot of choices.

But the Paypal/Payoneer account details must be different.

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Actually the problem is not about withdrawal provider

You want to go for digital marketing, based on your profile. YouTube, specifically. I assume your roommate did this too, then?

Sadly, Fiverr has given you their answer. I’m sorry it’s not the one you want.


yes, you are right. I want to provide YouTube marketing related service so as my friend did.