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Using same offer description to all BR


I always send same offer description to all BR. Is it against rules??


People seem to have more success if they tailor it to the buyer rather than a copy paste description.


Thanks for your advise. I never get any order in this way. so I think of it


There’s no rule forbidding it, but if you send the same offer description to everyone, you’re highly unlikely to ever get work that way, because buyers will feel that you haven’t bothered to read their request, and/or are unable to understand them and to provide what they need.


Nope, but you have only 2 reviews since September from 1 buyer.
Do you still think that template answers are working for you?


Oh . You Can’t Get Orders from BR if you SPAM BR. You need write attractive offer !


It is not against rules…but it will not help you in getting the orders. You must respond in accordance tor the request…:grinning: