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Using Skype for private lessons


When I uploaded my first gig of private lesson in premiere (video editing software) using Skype there were no problems, but now when I’m trying to create another gig or edit the gig it says that it’s against the TOS.

I am now a lvl1 seller and don’t want to ruin it and get banned from Fiverr, so what should I do?

There is a category for private lessons, so if I can’t use skype, how should I teach the private lesson?


contact customer service and ask them .


Fiverr thinks that there is no world outside of the internet walls of Fiverr and expect you to communicate 100% on their site. I used to have a similar gig and was told to shut it down. Best of luck.


Wow that’s so frustrating… I wish Fiverr will buy Skype or Oovoo or build their own software like it so we can use it without worries…


Reply to @reeyky1958: as @safwan told you, you must contact Customer Support and ask if can be authorized using Skype for your gig…