Using social media groups and communities to promote your Fiverr gigs



Social media is now the place where you need to spend more time promoting your gigs. There are some Facebook groups dedicated to promote Fiverr gigs. There are also some Pinterest groups where you can also promote your gig.

Some of these groups have thousands of members so if you keep posting in these groups on a regular basis, your gigs could be seen by thousands of potential buyers.


Thank you babura, also posting at twitter is a good promoting


Yes, Twitter is a good promotion tool. In my opinion sellers should be using as many social media places as possible.


Great idea =)


g8 idea for promotion of gig


I always use twitter to promote my Gig.

Thanks babura for the tips…


You are welcome.

For those who use Twitter to promote their gigs, from my experience with Twitter I believe that is more important to concentrate on getting retweets rather than followers. Retweets will give you much more exposure.


Social media is a tool some Fiverr sellers forget. I just set up my Facebook Fiverr Fan Page yesterday. It will keep me in the eye of clients and also help me bond with fellow sellers and buyers.


Reply to @cariad: Yes, a Facebook page it’s also a good idea.


Reply to @cariad: May I know it so that I can like it?


Reply to @rekisan: I don’t think I am allowed to link but it is called cariadonfiverr.

Thank you.




babura said: I believe that is more important to concentrate on getting retweets rather than followers.

How does one get their content retweeted?

babura said: Facebook groups dedicated to promote Fiverr gigs

Name some, please.

Nice post and thanks!


Anyone that retweets my content on their page will get a retweet from me.

pearlsant (vintageorama) on Twitter


Reply to @pearlsant: I have a gig where I provide a mini-guide on how to get retweets for free. You can use these methods every day and you’ll get retweets. Here is the link to the gig:

Regarding the Facebook groups. I am not allowed to post a link to Facebook here but my other gig could be also of your interest as it provides a list of Facebook groups that allow you to advertise your Fiverr gigs to thousands of members:


Thanks. I also suggest one makes herself known in related Facebook groups by being at least a little active so you don’t look like a spammer.

Need a logo? see


Great advice. I heard people use other gigs to promote their fiverr gigs but if you don’t have much capital that free is the way to go


Reply to @rosiegigs: Yes, it’s very important to participate in a group where you can find potential buyers for your gig by giving advice or sharing interesting content. You need to show that you are a professional.

There are lots of communities within Facebook and Google+ where you can find buyers interested in your gigs if you choose the right community.

I.e: If you are a book cover designer, then you should participate in author communities or if your gig is related to SEO, then you should participate in webmaster communities.


One problem I have experienced with posting on to the Fiverr facebook groups:

I don´t have a fake accound and I use my real name. I use Facebook for keeping up with friends and family.

When I posted my gig onto a facebook Fiverr group, I was getting pretty much harrased and down went my confidentiality…

Just wanted to share this experience.

I can tweet anybodies gig if they tweet mine:


Reply to @mimie01: Thanks for sharing this experience.

I also use my real name when I post in Facebook groups and I have never experienced anything like this. I know that there are lots of groups with plenty of scammers so we should be quite selective and choose groups where there’s a moderator.


Yeah, its a difficult…I have no problems of posting to a business group or simular, but Fiverr group, I am sure I will never post again.