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Using Stock images

Hey guys

I uploaded a gig last night m, and it was taken down by fiverr. One of the reasons was

" Using a stock image, a random photo from the Internet, or an image which you copied or bought from a different seller, may mislead buyers."

I have a membership to a stock image/footage/template site and often use these when creating samples. And I have seen LOTS of gigs with stock templates and footage.

My question is, did fiverr make a mistake and are we allowed to use stock that we have the licence to? Or do we have to go and ask friends to pose for us while we make an instagram story for modelling clothes or whatever?


My take on this is that probably this very stock image, even if you own the rights of usage, is already being used by another user for their gig.

I recommend you to contact the CS to clear this out and explain them your situation.


What is your service?

If you are not selling graphic design or anything related with graphic design you can use stock footage.

But you can not use stock footage as portfolio in GIG gallery if you are selling graphic design services because that misleads buyers thinking the image is your work.


It for instagram stories.

It’s a pain, because that story already had some reviews on it and I was editing it to add some more relevant stuff. Its now in the denied section and I am only getting the option to delete, not edit.

Shame, now I have to delete it to create a new gig. Which will erase some of my reviews.

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is there a way to get that gig from the DENIED category to edit it and just switch round the pictures?

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Once a gig has been denied it will not be restored.