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Using stolen designs in portfolio [Resolved]


I just found a designer who uses stolen designs in his gig/portfolio, he used this work and two others. Is that allowed here?


No it’s not allowed. You can report it to customer support if you wish.


Question is does he or she have permission to use the design? If the designs are yours and you know you never gave permission for anyone to use them, then you can report, but if the designs are not yours it would be wise to investigate if the user has permission.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


They are not mine designs but I doubt that those guys gave a permission to anyone to use their work.


It could be a stock image that was purchased. So I wouldn’t be so quick to judge :wink:


even if is stock image they still can’t use as their portfolio. From what I see it is a Web template and not stock photos and even if have permissions it should have one person and not two or more sellers to use this web template in their gig.
But even if you report fiverr will do nothing since none of us are owner of this design.


So designs from dribbble are considered as a “stock photos” here?


Good to know, next time I won’t waste my time. But it’s unfair to designers who are using their own work.


Sorry, I am not familiar with dribble. What I meant was, if for example you have a paid subscription to a site which gives you unlimited royalty free stock images, you would be able to use these for your designs. So again, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

If however you know for a fact the design is stolen, then I would def. report it to CS. Trust and Safety will take a closer look and take action from there.


Again, thanks for the reply. Please lock this thread, I’ve got all information that I needed. Cheers :slight_smile: