Using the Forum for a Break from Translating True Horror Stories


Its been a busy month but the latest gig I am doing is taking a bit more out of me than most, I have to admit. When the buyer sent me a link and asked me to work on translating their website, a collection of true horror stories, I was initially unsure. Don’t get me wrong, I generally don’t have any problem with any kind of content. I have worked on some of the most boring projects imaginable (dredging and analysis of seabed material), some I was inexperienced to know whether I was doing a good job or not (Gay erotica) and some I was probably not qualified to do (a book on how to meet women).

It was just that I was unsure whether I wanted to spend the holiday season submerged in the depravity of humanity. Eventually I took on the job and have begun working on it. It is seriously unsettling me to go from one story to the next, to the next when the content is detailing the ideas, mentality, aims etc of people who are so warped. From exorcisms to terrorist attacks to mass killings, the world has some sick, sick people.

Anyway, writing about my problems is free therapy so thanks for reading.
It is probably why I am spending quite a bit of time on the forum lately, you guys are the nice kind of crazy.

If you get scared easily, do not open this


Really helpful DJ, really helpful…


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By the way, Eoin, I have been known to read fanfiction so gay erotica is something I’m familiar with. Feel free to send my way if you need any help :yum:


Thanks, good to know :smiley:
It wasn’t a problem anyway, thankfully the buyer was, em, thrilled(!) with my work.


I google image searched this picture but got no results, is this your own puppy? If so can you send him to me instead of the Alpaca fur.


Share or summarize the best one on forum… I love short horror stories…


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Sorry, they are my client’s work so I cannot share them.


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