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Using the Getty Images® Feature in Gigs™?

Hey Guys,

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I’m thinking of creating a new Gig™ (brand writing/copywriting) which will rely heavily on the use of stock images. Can anyone who uses the built in ‘Special Offer’ with Getty let me know how it works, and if they’ve had much luck?

Do you clients feel it’s worth the $10 extra? Are there any specifics regarding use of the photo for us (sellers) and for the client once the order is delivered? I’m just trying to gain some insight on the potential workflow, and some tips from veteran sellers who use the feature.

I’d love to hear your tips.



For them it’s worth it, buying an image on Getty dot com can cost you $50, $100, or more. So they’re getting a bargain.

For me it wasn’t worth it because the buyer pays $10 but I only get to keep $2. Yes, writers can use that gig extra because sometimes clients need pictures for their facebook ads, blogs, etc.

But again, it’s a boring feature. First you have to search for the picture and hope you choose the right one, otherwise the client will demand a revision. Then you have to download the picture, some of those downloads are 40 megs. Then upload the picture, again, more time wasted. And all that for what? 2 freaking dollars? Why bother?

You can use

I thought that the buyer could download the image themselves? I used to do all that, but with my super-slow™ internet speeds, I stopped doing it and added a quick pasted message about how to download. Haven’t had any complaints. Well, apart from people who are incapable of downloading files, but that’s another story.

But they look amazing though, which brings more value to the buyer and he is more satisfied with the service he received on Fiverr, which increases the credibility of the seller and Fiverr, which keeps buyers recommending Fiverr to others and keep getting back etc. All this keeps everyone happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Meh, half the time my internet means I can’t even load up the photos. I have my own sub to another stock site. I get more money from offering that–with 3 images!–and the photos look just as good. Plus I don’t have to refresh the page 1 million times just to find a damn photo without “errors occurring”.

How does this help anyone? What do you mean? As a writer, if you are going to post advice, write!

I haven’t had any problems with the photos and they load perfectly fine. But it doesn’t matter… because you earn more with your method.

Maybe he felt weak or even died in the middle of the sentence…

That wasn’t my experience, I was the one searching, downloading, and uploading images. In fact, I couldn’t even deliver an order without going through Getty. It was a pain. Back then I used to do Fiverr from Firefox and Firefox isn’t getty friendly, so I ha to go to Chrome. Suffice to say, not worth my time.

It’s true that when I hire book cover designers, sometimes I will pay for the getty image. But frankly, I’m more impressed by artists that already have access to thousands of public domain images and know how to manipulate them.

Thanks for sharing! In the scenario where a buyer doesn’t like the chosen image, and request a modification, is it a simple swap of the image or do they need to purchase a new Getty Extra?