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Using the graphs on the Analytics Page

How often do you look at the graphs on the analytics page? Whenever I make any sort of change in my gigs I look at the graphs to see if the change improved my sales.

As you can see by the graphs I made a change at the middle of the last 30 days that improved my sales and my sales of extras. The graphs are visual proof that what I did worked.

The jump in the peaks of the graph in the middle was directly related to something new that I tried.

Yes i look at them at times. They are a good and simple visual indicator of performance. What did you do to get those spikes :slight_smile: would you please share with us?

I stay busy so I wouldn’t have noticed this change without the graphs.

I haven´t really sold anything so I have never bothered to look at it, LOL. But thanks for the info, Missycristal :slight_smile:

It’s perfect way to find out which day is the strongest and when you’ve got a lot of orders.

Personally, I don’t find them that useful at all and never use them. Mainly due to the huge differences in orders - one day I could only get 1 order, but it is an orderfor a few hundred dollars, but another day I could get 5 x $10 orders - the graphs would show that day as better, when dollars earnt per day would be more useful to me. I would LOVE some better reports from fiverr, things like, total earned/ordered per day of the week to see useful patterns, seeing monthly reports (not just how much earned this month - but it would be great to see it over time and see which are the best months - see if you are growing, help to see if adding more gigs makes a difference in earnings etc). I know someone once said you could export your sales info into excel and make fancy graphs/info for this, but that would mean you would have to be clever like that and know how to use excel for fancy stuff.

They are useful to see if changes I made worked. Also if I’m in a slow period I can look at them and get an idea of when the next peak will start, or when I’ve hit a peak and will be entering a slower period.

I agree we could have some charts or graphs showing each weeks sales and each months sales, such as bar graphs. You could have different ones for dollar amounts and number of sales. Or simply one of those sales charts with a red arrow with weeks 1 through 52 along the bottom, and dollar amounts along the left side.

I wouldn’t have known to continue to do what I did in the middle of the month without the graphs. I wouldn’t have noticed the jump in sales and extras. I find these invaluable for that reason. I can see a direct link to my new discovery and increase in not only number of sales but extras. These graphs have allowed me to add over a thousand dollars a month to my income. This is why I posted this, so that others can see the value of them.

I know a certain percentage of my orders will be huge orders so I don’t think in terms of that. I know if I increase the number of sales that some will be huge orders so I want to simply see a jump in sales and I’ve hit on something that works for that.

I can literally control how many orders I get and speed them up or slow them down.