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Using the Live Portfolio to generate sales (even as a non-visual gig) ⏯ VIDEO TUTORIAL

Hey there!

Adam here, a top rated seller and official Fiverr Ambassador.

Today I want to talk with you about your Live Portfolio - a feature often mistaken for only being useful if you have a visual based gig or deliverable (like logo design, flyers, business cards, voiceovers, videos etc).

I’m here to show you today that this isn’t the case. The Live portfolio is such a great tool for re-affirming your brand, accrediting yourself as a professional seller and helping buyers to visualize your order numbers. Seeing a feedback rating of 1,000 may look good but it isn’t easy to quantify as a number alone - showcasing your work through visual elements is much more captivating and can create a lasting impact on your buyers.

See the video below as I talk through how ANY SELLER, can use the live portfolio to boost sales and generate a higher order revenue.

To outline the steps demonstrated within the video:

  1. Create a “template”, the main image you are going to use for each deliverable. In Daniel’s case, we choose to use a cartoon headshot previously made on Fiverr, along with his branding colourschemes.

  2. When creating the template, think about what you want to showcase to the buyer as the custom value. When originally talking with Daniel, we thought about using client’s ebooks to play upon their branding and accreditation. However, this was deemed impractical as not every client had ebook graphics when they approached him (as they were still in draft phase). We then thought about highlighting the change log, but agreed sharing that information publicly may deter buyers and showcase their premium content. That is where we then set on the “corrections” number - demonstrating visually the work Daniel performed as well as showcasing his talents to the buyer and potential future buyers.

  3. After we created the template image and decided upon what dynamic information we would show, I got to work in automating the image process. Rather than having to manually edit the image each time (which is at best slow and at worst difficult if you don’t trust your graphic skills), I set out to have this generate at a click of a button.

The image now automatically generates by a simple value Daniel sets, whether it’s 5, 50 or 500 corrections, the image renders in a split second, ready for him to download and deliver as part of his order process.

This function/system has many capabilities only really limited by your imagination. For Daniel, we focused on corrections and reaffirming his brand with the images. For myself, we automatically generated website thumbnails and information of the work performed. For others, you could create images relating to upsells as part of your system, or even call-upon other users to order.

If you are interested in more tutorials, here are two more I recommend:

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_For anyone interested in the direct code used within the tutorial, contact me via Fiverr

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Would you elaborate this part a bit please?

I show that within the video :). I created an automatic script to generate these images. Here is an example:

and you can change ?num to any number between 0-9999, such as:


Thank you so much … I am trying to understand this video . Its really new , But hope I will understand … Thanks again for your great effort :green_heart:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, let me know :slight_smile:

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For ease, here is an example of the image live embedded here:

Its only for proof read . is there any way to development sector. Like My gigs :wind_chime:

Yep, you would just create a different image :). I mention this within the video regarding how it works

Adam, this is a fantastic idea and has really set my mind thinking about different ways to integrate the live portfolio into my gigs - none of which are visual. I already have a couple of ideas thanks to your video. One of these is one that I will share here as I know others face the same problem.

Much of my work is with larger orders but Fiverr reviews and orders do not differentiate between a $5 or $500 order. A seller who shows experience dealing with large orders will be more attractive to a buyer with a large order. My idea will be to use something similar to what you did for Daniel but showing the order size by number of words in my case.
In this way, the live portfolio will show an image which contains, for example, I translated 20,000 words from Spanish to English and with the live portfolio system, the seller’s review shows with it.

Thanks for another excellent insight into upping the game on Fiverr.


Thanks Twistedweb123 but I can’t find the video.

@beckydale: Are you using a mobile device? That could be the reason.

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Okay, @rainny_writer! I am on my Droipad, so it could be that!

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The video should be available on mobile (it’s showing for me) but if your struggling to see I’d recommend double checking on a different device

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Great idea Eoin, the image could definitely work for that.its another great example of accrediting yourself to the customer and going beyond the static feedback number to do so.

You could auto generate that sort of image as well :slight_smile:

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Okay, thanks! I’ll try it on my PC.:relaxed:

No problem :slight_smile:

If you still face issues, let me know and I’ll PM the youtube link directly (it auto-formats into a player in the thread)

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Fantastic suggestion. Twistedweb you’re a genius.

This is an interesting idea too.

If I turn on my portfolio, will it be retroactive and show all the previous things I’ve delivered? I wouldn’t want that. Also, I have to be somewhat discreet in what I show about what buyers have ordered but I’m trying to figure out how to utilize this.

The feature will be retroactive in the sense it will show previous things you’ve delivered whilst the portfolio was active.

For example, let’s say it was activated 2 years ago and you delivered a few orders, then deactivated and it’s been dormant since. When you turn it on, those orders from 2 years ago may show (depending if the user opted in or not at the time).

There is a way to make this a smooth transition. As your live portfolio only shows a set amount of images, you basically need to “bump” any old image off by filling up the portfolio with more recent work. Simply batch deliver a few orders (for example 5). Turn the live portfolio on whilst you deliver and then deactivate it afterwards. These deliveres will then show in the portfolio when buyers leave feedback, whilst deactivating afterward hides the portfolio from the frontend. Then, when the portfolio is full enough, keep it constantly activated.

If you’ve never had an active live portfolio, it will be empty when you activate.

Thank you! That’s a great suggestion for the gigs, I currently trying to do something like that :smile:

Shouldn’t it be “x corrections made” not “x corrections found”. Don’t you find errors and make corrections? You don’t find the correction. Or is it just that they’re corrections that could be made if the buyer decides to?