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Using the quick response feature

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of the quick response feature. You can set up lots of different messages for any type of situation, if you don’t feel like writing them you can even use these:

Just received a new order?

Hi! Thanks for your interest in my gig! I’ll get to work as soon as possible!

Finished the work?

All done! Here is your order, it was great working with you!

Recieved a message and buyer would like a sample?

Hi! Thanks for your interest! You will find the work sample attached, I look forward to working with you.

Communication is key to keeping both the buyer and the seller happy and informed… Use these samples or write your own, it takes minuets to set up and seconds to use in the future saving you so much time down the line. Get into the habit of using them.

Communication is key!!

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I agree, quick responses are absolutely wonderful! I think that taking the time to set them up definitely pays off in the long run, especially when you are answering the same types of questions all the time like I am, or communicating with buyers who are especially new and require extra explanations that would otherwise be cumbersome to type out repeatedly.
Great suggestion! :slight_smile:

I have a large list of quick responses. Some are just thanks for orders, others are requests for info that clients seem to forget, and others are for various types of product deliveries. I use them all the time.

Thank you for sharing your samples!!
I use quick answers a lot!

“response time” this two words are very important in my life that throw me bad luck nowadays.

Great tip! I’m new at this and i didn’t know that one! Thanks for the tip!

Quick Answer is time saver

New information, thanks a lot for sharing

For sentences that u used as examples - it would take me more time to click on “quick response,” scroll down, and choose, than typing a short simple sentence.
So I guess this is a good tip if one is a peck typer or one who is not fluent in English.

Thanks for your tips. I think this is big time saver… and directly effect to profile ratings…

Quick Responses are the best! I have a few for the questions I get a lot, as well as a few for when I deliver an order.

quick responses are useful. I wish I could use them on the forums, =).

Thanks for this post


Great post. Thanks.

Great tip!

I think it one of the most usful tools in Fiverr. It made my life as a seller SO much simpler. I had to write the same things over and over (and over) again. Now I have more free time to focus on doing a good work for my clients.

I will begin to apply it as you people explained.

Quick Response makes life Easy for every seller or even buyer,They can save lots of responses at a time.