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Using the word " pay "

Hello there,

Today one of my buyers asked me if I can assist him for his Instagram growth. I simply explained him that I could do it. Then he asked if I could Organic or buy followers. I them reply him that " Of course, organic, I will not pay anyone to follow you. " This was my perspective to use the word " pay ". I didn’t get any warning or message flagged notification. Will it get me account restrictions or any fear?

Thanks in advance


Then you should be okay. You could use the word reimburse next time. Or perhaps saying not pay is why you did not get a warning? :thinking:


Actually, I read several articles on Forum about using the word " pay ". Everyone explained that if anyone uses the word " pay ", he/she may get warning / message flagged notification. But I didn’t get. That’s why I’m in confusion.

I understand. Whenever I have attempted to type pay when I am messaging a buyer I immediately get the red box and a warning that says I cannot ask for payment outside of Fiverr or something similar to that. .

Yes, it happens when I use my pc to type but not on mobile. I sent the message from my Mobile that’s why I didn’t get the red box or anything.

Maybe so. I do not use my mobile except to check for messages. Then I leave a QR that says I will be with the buyer soon.

That’s Good! But can you please let know if I may get any warning or anything :pensive:

If you did not get one already you are fine. Plus if CS looked at your message they can see you were not trying to get payment outside of Fiverr. Put your mind at ease. :blush:

I also hope so. Thanks a lot for your time to help me out. Recently I got my first warning Because of two pending gig at a time. That’s why I’m always in fear​:pensive::pensive:

Thanks! I contacted with CS. She said that the word “pay” is not forbidden. Team tries to understand the perspectives. If it goes against Fiverr TOS, only then it gives warning. Alhamdulillah! I’m safe.

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