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Using two accounts on one PC

Can we use two accounts in one laptop with different browsers by logging out one account at one time and logging in one account and the other time? But not using both at the same time?? I mean for one time switch to one account and the second time, switch to other? Let me know if someone help ?


Easy answer no.

It is possible to have two accounts but they must be owned by two very different people with two different sets of identification, bank accounts, and category of Gigs.

However is attempting to have several accounts to run twice the number of Gigs doing exactly the same things to try to widen your spread, expect to be banned pretty hard & fast.

If there is a valid reason, be sure to talk to CS about it first to get their advice and blessing.


Yeah !! The other account have a different bank account information, but same niche. What if I use one account on laptop and the other one on smartphone? Is it be a valid idea?

As I already said, No.

If my wife were to become a Seller here at Fiverr, even on her computer and me on mine, the moment she starts offering Music Services like Mixing & Composing, we can both be banned.

You even indicate that you personally are using both accounts yourself to do the same tasks from both accounts. This is cheating and not at all cool - or even smart to be sharing here in the Forum.


Thank you so much for your help. You saved my one account BTW !!

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Thank you for your concern !!