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Using words prohibited by Fiverr


I made a buyer request and sellers are contacting me. I need a website (e-commerce) and by talking to the sellers I use words like payment, PayPal, payoneer, money etc. But everytime I write it fiverr shows in read do not accept payments from other sources your account can be banned. Is there any risk that I am using these words talking to sellers? (I am. Also seller but I am buying this time)


Yeah, this is an annoying “feature”. Sometimes your messages get flagged and won’t be sent until a moderator approves. Everyone runs into this sometimes, So you use a synonym. You write cash, päyment, m0ney, PyPal, and so on.
I see why Fiverr is doing this, they want to avoid us discussing a deal outside of fiverr, as
a) It could be a scam
b) more importantly: Fiverr does not gets it’s commission.

Dear Fiverr: If I really want to go around you, I can. I can send my message as an attachment. I can use similar words. But I do not want to, as I appreciate the traffic your website gives to me, and I feel 20% is close to fair. (could be like 10% above a certain amount). This is annoying to everyone, and useless, as said, it can be circumvented easily.


Agree with fogi…


I had similar issues when buyers ask me to updaye the email or such details in their book. I just ask them to send the information in a word file.

I also worked on another platform, they don’t monitor or warn against communicating outside their platform. It was much easier for some of my clients. After everything is done, they simply approve the payments. Of course there are some people take that for an advantage. Even on Fiverr with all that monitoring, I still get offers from some buyers offering pay using PayPal, do you think I would trust someone like that?


Exactly. This happens from time to time (well, maybe once every 6 months for me). But I Won’t risk things for 5-10 dollars. Besides, going out of fiverr is really riskier, plus a headache. It takes loads of messages back and forth to agree on the payment form and terms, and typically cheapos do it, who are problem clients.

Dear Fiverr: Even if it successfully happens here and there: You are not losing out on much. Definitely less, than the cost of running this flagging system, and the moderator time spent on reading these flagged messages.